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P. Then, why does it not produce the same effect?

A. Why, Sir, we cannot make the walk before breakfast,


TINGHAM MANUFACTURERS. MR. EDITOR, , You have already given us some useful instruction on the importance of keeping our rooms well ventilated; and have shewn us how necessary fresh air is to our health. But I suppose you find that your good advice, like that of other writers, is not always attended to, and that another hint on the same subject is sometimes wanted. Perhaps the following anecdote may be new to some of your readers.

Dr. Darwin one day got into a tub in the marketplace of Nottingham, and addressed a crowd of workmen in words, as far as I can remember them, to the following effect :

“Men of Nottingham, we all know you to be an ingenious, clever, laborious set of people; and those who are wise among you, know how much sobriety contributes to health. But there is another thing likewise to be attended to, if you wish to keep yourselves in good health. I mean the importance of breathing fresh air. The same air breathed over and over again soon becomes unwholesome, greatly injures the constitution, and very often produces fatal diseases. Take care, then, as soon as ever you leave your bed-rooms in a morning, to throw the windows and the doors open, that the air of the room may be completely changed. Have the windows open in your workshops too, whenever you can bear it. I say this entirely for the sake of your own advantage; I can have no interest in it. I am your neighbour; I am a Physician, and I have had some experience. You will therefore probably find the benefit of listening to my advice.”

If the above anecdote seems to you likely to be of use to any of your readers, perhaps you will have the goodness to give it a place in your Monthly Visitor.

I am, Sir, your's,


QUESTIONS IN GEOGRAPHY. Q. What countries are contained in the Island of Great Britain ?

A. England, Wales and Scotland.
Q. What is the size of England alone?

A. About 360 miles in length, and about 250 broad.

Q. How many counties are there in England?
A. Forty,
Q. Are these divided into circuits ?

A. Yes, into circuits; and the Judges take these different circuits, and hold assizes in the principal towns of each county.

Q. Into how many circuits does the law divide England ?

Ă. Into six.—The Northern, the Midland, the Norfolk, the Oxford, the Western, and the Home circuit.

Q. How many counties are there in the Northern circuit?

A. Six.-Northumberland, Cumberland, Durham, Yorkshire, Westmoreland and Lancashire.

Q. How many in the Midland ?

A. Seven.-Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Rutlandshire, Leicestershire, Warwickshire, and Northamptonshire.

Q. How many in Norfolk circuit ?

A. Six.-Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Huntingdonshire, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Suffolk.

Q. How many in the Oxford circuit?

A. Eight.--Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Shropshire, Herefordshire, and Monmouthshire.

Q. How many counties are there in the Western circuit.

A. Six.-Cornwall, Devonshire, Dorsetshire, Hampshire, Sometshire, and Wiltshire,

Q. How many in the Home circuit?

A. Five.-Essex, Kent, Sussex, Surrey, and Hertfordshire.

Middlesex and Cheshire are not included in the circuits, having their own separate jurisdictions.

Let your children learn the above counties, part of them at a time. They should look for them in a map,

have one.

if you


A person being once asked" where is God?" replied “I will answer you when you have told me where he is not.”.

A person being asked what any one would gain by telling a lie, replied, “ Not to be believed when he told the truth."

It is wiser to prevent a quarrel, than to revenge it afterwards.

God, who hath promised pardon to the penitent, hath not promised to-morrow to the negligent.

Leave, leave your bed at early dawn,
And with your God begin the morn;
To him your grateful tribute pay,
Through every period of the day;
To him your ev’ning song direct,
His eye shall watch, his arın protect..
Tho' darkness reign, He's with you still,
Then sleep in peace, and fear no ill.

School Nliscellany Never allow your children to exercise a cruel oppressive disposition : show them how base a thing it is to injure and oppress those weaker than them

selves; do your utmost to bring them up in love and kindness one towards another.

Never suffer them to amuse themselves with tormenting flies, cock-chafers, or other insects : teach them that the merciful man regardeth the life of his beast;, endeavour to make them sensible of the barbarity of tormenting poor dumb creatures, which can neither complain of their sufferings, nor defend themselves. The boy who delights, during his childhood, in oppressing his younger brothers and sisters, and in persecuting the poor animals which are in. his power, is little likely to prove, when a man, the kind neighbour, affectionate husband, and tender parent. [Friendly Advice on the Management and Education

of Children. There were three rules which my mistress laid down for my conduct as a servant, the full value of . which I did not perceive at first, but I have ever since found them of wonderful use in practice :-

1st. Keep every thing in its proper place,
2d. Put every thing to its proper use,
3d. Do every thing in its proper time.

History of a Servant Maid. The circle of a man's duties lies generally at home, or in the neighbourhood of home; and the less he goes beyond it, the safer he is from temptation, and the better he performs his duties in it. 66 Asa bird that wandereth from her nest, so is a man that wandereth from his place." (Prov. xxvii. 8.)

School Boy's Manual. In the choice of friends and associates select those that are quiet, studious, and thoughtful, rather than those that are bustling, showy, or entertaining,

The Same. When man attempts to act independently of God, whatever may be his talents, or even his virtuous resolutions, he is sure to be disappointed.

The Same

I find it best to derive all my comfort from the only true source, which is religion. And I wish that those who blame me now for taking shelter under it, may find, in their last hours, the same tranquillity that it affords me.

Count Struensee. I examine myself every night, whether I have done or thought any thing that might displease God. If so, I pray for forgiveness, for Christ's sake. Hitherto I have found myself always unworthy, but I have ventured to pray, trusting to God's mercy.

The Same.


Winchester Assizes. Thomas Blake and Richard Welcl, two daring pickpockets, were indicted for robbing Benjamin Hick of a silver watch, steel chain, &c. at Romsey fair. The prisoners, it appeared, made a violent assault on the prosecutor and two other persons. The prosecutor and his friends pursued the parties, and took them. The prisoners were found Guilty.

The judge took occasion to observe, that, of late years, the purposes of these fairs had been completely perverted. They were now become the haunts of villains, and the norsery of erimes. It would be far better for those persons who visit such places only for the sake of pleasure, to give up such amuse. ments altogether, than obtain their amusement in a way which endangered both person and property, and above all which kept open a hot-bed for vice and profligacy.

At the same Assizes William North was indicted for cutting and maiming John Paine, on the 20th of July, in the parish of Overton. This happened at Overton fair. These scenes of pleasure, as they are called, generally furnish an abundant supply of misery and crime. The two men quarrelled, and were about to fight; they struggled, and fell together; and witness found that he was bloody. The prisoner had a knife in his hand, with which the deed was done. Verdict Guilty.

St. James's Park.- In the time of King Henry the Eighth the park was a wild, wet field ; but that prince, on building St. James's Palace, enclosed it, laid it out in walks, and collects ing the waters together, gave the newly-enclosed ground and

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