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Rule. Pas Elections, how to be conducted

8 71 previous nomination necessary

10 votes to be viva voce

1171 Enacting words, if stricken out, to be consid

ered as a rejection of bill, &c. 41 79 Engrossment to be in a fair round hand

114 Engrossed bills not to be amended by riders 115 98

while on their passage between

the two Houses. (See Bills.) Enrolled bills, Committee on, may report at any time

128 101 to be examined by

the committee
provision for the joint rule) 7 67

appointment of
the Committee


[blocks in formation]

to be signed by the presiding

officers of the two Houses

(joint rule)
how to be presented to the Pre-

sident and the time to be not

ed (joint rule)
not to be presented to the Pre-

sident on last day of session

(joint rule) Executive Departments, rules to be observed in

calling for information

from heads of Executive communications, when to be read Excused from voting, rule relating to being Excused from serving on a committee, a mem

ber may be Fees in cases of calls of the House, payment

by members

of Serjeant-at-arms Galleries may be cleared in cases of disorder Hall to be under the direction of the, Speaker

persons who may be admitted within the

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Rule. Pa. 17 73

Hall, this rule to be strictly executed

not to be used in the performance of Di

vine service unless by consent of the

Hats off during session of House
Heads of Departments, calls for information

130 101 34


[blocks in formation]

Interested, members not to vote when
Indefinitely, questions not to be resumed which

are postponed
Information, calls on the President and depart-

ments for
Insert and strike out, questions indivisible
Index to laws, to be made
Jefferson's Manual to govern in certain cases
Joint resolutions, or propositions requiring the

consent of the Senate, to be
laid on the table one day

signed by the Speaker. Journal, reading of

to be examined by the Speaker
to be printed and distributed within

thirty days after the adjournment Laws to be signed by the Speaker

index to be made Lie on the table, precedence of a motion to

no debate allowed on a motion

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]


Lie on the table one day, all matters requiring

the concurrence of

the Senate to
all resolutions calling

on Executive offi-
cers for information

Library of Clerk's office, books to be retained
Lobby may be cleared in cases of disorder
Manual, Jefferson's, to govern in certain cases

56 83 133 101

13 72 129 101

[blocks in formation]

Memorials, when to be presented

rules to be observed on the presen-

tation of
Members not to vote, when interested

to be furnished with extra set of do-

to sit uncovered
their names to be called alphabeti-


to be paid by Serjeant-at-arms
Messages between the two Houses, how to be

announced and delivered

(joint rules)
by whom to be sent (joint

[blocks in formation]





Messages from Senate, when considered
Messages from President, when read
Mileage, duty of Committee on
Motions, to be stated by the Speaker, or read by
the Clerk

38 79
if desired, shall be reduced to writing 39 79
when to be considered as in possession
of the House

40 79
precedence and order of certain

may be committed at pleasure

49 81
when they may be withdrawn

40 79
Nomination, cases in which it shall be necessary 10 71
Order, proceedings in cases of calls to 29, 30 77

Speaker to decide questions of
Speaker to make calls to

29 77
Clerk to note questions of

105 96
questions of, arising after previous ques-
tion, no debate

46 80
Order of business of the session

of the day 20, 22, 23, 24, 25 74,75,76
postponed or changed

127 100
Order of calling for petitions

20 74
for reports of committees 22 74






Rule. Pa. Orders of the day, when to be called

24 75 may be moved pending con

sideration or discussion

of reports and resolutions 24 75 unfinished business to have

precedence in Pay of members, by Serjeant-at-arms Petitions, when they may be presented

rules to be observed on the presenta-
tion of

rule respecting debate on
on slavery

21 Personality in debate to be avoided

28 Postmaster General, calls for information from 56 Postmaster of House to be appointed

70 85 Postponed indefinitely, effect of question which is

47 81 Postpone, to day certain, order of motion 41 79 or change order of business

127 100 Precedence or 2 to be decided without 10 om Priority of business S debate Precedence of motions

41, 42 79 80 President, rules to be observed in calling for information from the

manner of presenting bills and reso-

lutions to the (joint rule)
manner of presenting joint addresses

to the (joint rule)
no bill or resolution to be presented

on the last day of the session to
the (joint rule)

17 Printing of Journals to be completed within

thirty days after an

Printing of bills joint rule relating to (joint

18 Printing, motion for extra numbers to lie one




Rule. Pa
Previous question, order of motion for

rules relating to the 45, 46 80
Private business, to have preference on Fridays

and Saturdays
to be called over on first and

fourth Friday of every
month, and preference given

to not objected to
Privileged characters, to come within the Hall,

rules respecting, to be

strictly executed
Questions, manner of putting

docorum to be observed during the

putting of
may be divided, and the manner of

to be propounded in the order in

which they are moved
Quorum, fifteen members may compel the at-

tendance of a
Reading a paper, if objected to, rule respecting

Reconsider, rule respecting motions to

Reference, order and precedence of motions of

of motions to be at the pleasure of
the House

Reporters, rules respecting

15, 16
Reports, may be committed at pleasure
Reports of Committees, when to be made

22 74
Reports to be made to Congress, Clerk to make

a list of 103 96
Resolutions, when they may be submitted,

22, 23 74 75
only one at a time

22 74
every alternate Monday set aside

those giving rise to debate to lie



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