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5 57



Newspapers, not to be read while a member is

speaking Nominations not to be considered on the day received, unless by consent

6 61 Notice of one day required of an intended motion

for leave to bring in a bill Orders of the day, special,not called before 1 o'clock

of the day, special, unfinished business has

preference in
Order upon a call to, the member shall sit down 6

questions of, to be decided without debate 6 53
appeals on questions of, may be made from
the President's decision

6 53
on questions of, the President may require
the sense of the Senate

6 53 upon a call to, by a Senator, for words spoken,

the exceptionable words shall be taken down Papers and Documents not to be printed without special order

25 62 Persons not admitted to present a memorial, &c. 1956 entitled to admission on floor, the

47 64 Petition, before received, contents to be stated 24 57 when received,

24 57 how referred .

24 57 contents of those presented to be entered on the journal

32 59 President to be first addressed by the speaker 3 53

to decide when two or more rise at the same

time to speak
to decide questions of order

6 53
may call for the sense of the Senate on a ques-
tion of order

6 53 may desire a motion to be reduced to writing 10 54 to decide on equal division

21 56 decision of, on an equal division, to be taken by the Secretary shall put all questions may, for a limited time, name a member to

perform the duties of the Chair




[blocks in formation]

President may appoint a chairman, while the Se-

nate are acting as in committee of the

to give notice of the several readings of bills
to have the regulation of the parts of the ca-

pitol appropriated to the Senate
President of the U. S. manner of presenting bills

and resolutions to the (joint rule)
manner of presenting joint addresses to the

(joint rule)
no bill or resolution to be presented on the last

day of the session to the (joint rule)
to be assigned the president's chair when at-

tending the deliberations of the Senate
Printing of bills, joint rule relating to
Question under debate, when, and what motions

may be divided
final, on second reading
to be decided, ay or no
to be put by the President of the Senate
on amending the constitution, short of the

main question, to be determined by a ma-

Quorum, proceedings when a less number shall

have assembled
Reading newspapers prohibited while the Senate

are in session
of a paper called for, and objected to, to be

decided by the Senate
Reconsideration, motion for, may be made by one

of the majority
or by a member of the side that prevailed
motion for, must be made within two days af-

ter vote
motion for, must be made before the subject

matter is out of possession of Senate

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Reconsideration, of a question requiring the affir-

mative vote of two-thirds, to be determined

by a majority
Record, Executive, extracts from, prohibited
Reference of petitions, &c. how made
Reports of standing committees, when received

of committees, to lie one day
Reporters placed on the floor
Resolutions, requiring approbation of the Presi-

dent to amend constitution, and grant mo-

ney, to be treated as bills
other to lie one day
on third reading, amended only by consent
engrossed, recommitted, and reported, to be

again read second time
orders, votes, &c. requiring the President's

approbation, shall be signed and presented

as in case of bills, [See Bills] (joint rule)
passed one House and lost in the other, no-

tice to be given (joint rule)
not to be presented to the President on last

day of the session (joint rule)
Secrecy enjoined on confidential communications

enjoined on remarks on persons nominated

enjoined on treaties
Secretary to endorse bills passed, &c.

to take the decision of the Vice President

when Senate is equally divided
to receive from committee, and entering eng.

to furnish the President with transcripts of

executive journal
reports on the floor under direction of the
to be chosen on second Monday of first ses-

sion of every congress
to attend and take minutes when Senate is

convened to any other place

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[blocks in formation]

Secretary to make returns on nominations from

day to day
to return or deliver no paper, except original

treaties, without order of Senate
to furnish no extract from executive journal

without special order
to convey messages to House of Representa-

Senate, proceedings of, when a number less than

a quorum shall have assembled
proceedings of, in quasi committee to be en-

tered concisely
ceremonial proceedings when met by the Pre-

sident of the United States at any other

place than the Senate chamber
relating to the executive proceedings of 36-40
who shall be admitted when engaged in exe-

cutive confidential business
the proceedings of, to be recorded separately
transcripts and extracts from Executive re-

cords, in what cases furnished
votes of, to be entered on journal
shall be cleared of all persons except their of-

ficers, when acting on Executive business
officers of, when they shall be elected

messages to and from (joint rule)
Speaking, among the members, prohibited during

more than twice in one day on the same sub-

ject, prohibited
Spirits, not to be brought within or about the ca-

pitol (joint rule)
Time, longest, first put
Treaties, proceedings on

to be kept secret, until injunction be removed
Unfinished business, has preference in special or-


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Vice President, or President pro tempore, may

appoint a chairman Vote, every, to be entered on the journal

no member allowed to, after decision is an

nounced Words, exceptionable, shall be taken down, when

a call to order is made by a Senator Yeas and nays, to be called alphabetically

may be required by one-fifth
to be taken without debate
after being taken no member allowed to en-

ter his vote

7 53 16 55 16 55 16 55

17 55

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