John Knox and his times

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James Nisbet, 1867 - 317 страници

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Страница 72 - To promote a woman to bear rule, superiority, dominion or empire above any realm, nation, or city is repugnant to nature, contumely to God, a thing most contrarious to His revealed will and approved ordinance, and finally it is the subversion of good order, of all equity and justice.
Страница 161 - Whensoever that the nobility of this realm shall consent that ye be subject to an unfaithful husband,* they do as much as in them lieth to renounce Christ, to banish his truth from them and to betray the freedom of this realm, and perchance shall, in the end, do small comfort to yourself.
Страница 16 - I speak unto you that which I have in charge, even from all those that are here present, which is this : — ' In the name of God and of his Son Jesus Christ, and in the name of all that presently call you by my mouth, I charge you that you refuse not this holy vocation...
Страница 161 - Oh, fair ladies, how pleasant were this life of yours if it should ever abide, and then in the end that we might pass to heaven with all this gay gear. But fie upon that knave Death, that will come whether we will or not...
Страница 270 - Lord, did so clearly shine in that personage, that the devil, and the people to whom he is prince, could not abide it ; and so to punish our sins and our ingratitude (who did not rightly esteem so precious a gift), thou hast permitted him to fall, to our great grief, in the hands of cruel and traitorous murderers. He is at rest, 0 Lord ; we are left in extreme misery."§...
Страница 89 - As for the fear of danger that may come to me," continued he, " let no man be solicitous ; for my life is in the custody of Him whose glory I seek. I desire the hand nor weapon of no man to defend me. I only crave audience ; which, if it be denied here unto me at this time, I must seek where I may have it.
Страница 171 - The time that has been is even now before my eyes," rejoined the Reformer ; " for I see the poor flock in no less danger than it has been at any time before, except that the devil has got a vizor upon his face. Before, he came in with his own face, discovered by open tyranny, seeking the destruction of all that refused idolatry ; and then, I think, you will confess the brethren lawfully assembled themselves for defence of their lives ; and now the devil comes under the cloak of justice, to do that...
Страница 297 - Christ, who was pleased to give me the victory ; and I am persuaded that the tempter shall not again attack me, but, within a short time, I shall, without any great bodily pain, or anguish of mind, exchange this mortal and miserable life for a blessed immortality through Jesus Christ.
Страница 135 - Court be sprinkled upon you, that ye shall become as temperate as the rest. For I have been here now five days, and at the first I heard every man say, " Let us hang the priest "; but after that they had been twice or thrice in the Abbey, all that fervency was past. I think there be some enchantment whereby men are bewitched.
Страница 10 - Parishioners, I am bound to speak the truth to you ; this is but to deceive you. There is no pardon for our sins that can come to us, either from pope or any other, but only by the blood of Christ.