The Works of Alexander Popekesq., with Notes and Illustrations by Himself and Others: To which Were Added, a New Life of the Author, an Estimate of His Poetical Character and Writings, and Occasional Remarks, Том 9

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C. and J. Rivington, 1824

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On an Imitation of Shakspeare opinion
Apologies for delay on translating the Odys
Reasons for his silence deprived of part
To Mr Digby Congratulations on his reco
Letter Page
the contemplation of books gardens and marriage 159 VIII From Mr Digby Congratulations on the Southsea scheme
Philipss Cyder 165 XII To Mr Digby Lord Bathursts Woodcamp in HydePark Bishop of Rochester 167 XIII To Mr Digby Account of Mrs Pope
mudas reflectingtelescopes 175 XVI To Mr Digby Account of gardens
The Bishop to Mr Pope On the preface to the Poems published in 1717
From the same After leaving Twickenhamhis wish for the select society of a few friends
XIX To the Bishop On a letter from the Duch
him exhortation to do himself justice in his defence 234 XXIII To the same Expresses his fears that this
Man his love for his country 243 XXV From the Bishop On the death of his daugh
LETTERS TO MR BETHEL I To Hugh Bethel Esq On humanity
To the same Publication of his Letters to Mr Cromwell dissatisfaction with the world
LETTERS TO AND FROM AARON HILL ESQ I Mr Pope to Aaron Hill Esq Gratitude
Letter Page IV To the same On the offence taken from
To the same On the dedication of
From Mr Hill On Mrs Hills death pro
To Mr Hill On the same subject
To Mr Hill in answer to the above 339 XXXIII To the same Of his tragedy of Caesar
To Mr Hill Criticises the play of Caesar 345 XXXVI To the same Urging him to bring his tragedy out soon 348 XXXVII To the same On the same su...
LETTERS TO WILLIAM FORTESCUE ESQ Letter Page I On making the circuit
On letterwriting account of Lady Scuda
His intention of leaving home on a visit pro gress of Homer 363 VI Proposing to meet him in town

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