The history of England, from the earliest times to the death of George ii, Том 3

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Страница 134 - Lord Churchill had been raised from the rank of a page, and had been invested with a high command in the army ; had been created a peer, and owed his whole fortune to the king's bounty ; even he...
Страница 27 - A tertian ague came kindly at last to deliver him from this life of horror and anxiety. For the space of a week no dangerous symptoms appeared ; and in the intervals of the fits he was able to walk abroad. At length the fever increased, and he became delirious. He was just able to answer yes to the demand, whether his son Richard should be appointed to succeed him.
Страница 341 - Spitalfields and other communities, engaged in associations; and even the managers of the theatres offered to raise a body of their dependents for the service of the government.
Страница 113 - ... were involved with the guilty. And on the whole, besides those who were butchered by the military commanders, two hundred and fifty-one are computed to have fallen by the hand of justice.
Страница 14 - ... trust. You are no longer a parliament : I tell you, you are no longer a parliament. The Lord has done with you : he has chosen other instruments for carrying on his work.
Страница 14 - Sir Harry Vane! The Lord deliver me from Sir Harry Vane!" Taking hold of Martin by the cloak, "Thou art a whoremaster," said he; to another, "Thou art an adulterer;" to a third, "Thou art a drunkard and a glutton;" "And thou an extortioner,
Страница 404 - Wolfe was stationed on the right, where the attack was most warm : as he stood conspicuous in the front line, he had been aimed at by the enemy's marksmen, and received a shot in the wrist, which, however, did not oblige him to quit the field. Having wrapped a handkerchief round his hand, he continued giving orders without the least emotion, and advanced at the head of the grenadiers with their bayonets fixed...
Страница 40 - Monk, with his usual reserve, tried their tempers, and examined the ardour of their wishes ; at length he gave directions to Annesley, president of the council, to inform them that one Sir John Granville, a servant of the...
Страница 123 - ... the petition. On their refusal to give bail, an order was immediately drawn for their commitment to the Tower ; and the crown lawyers received directions to prosecute them for the seditious libel which, it was pretended, they had composed and uttered.
Страница 184 - Eugene observed the posture of the enemy, who were advantageously posted on a hill near Hochstadt, their right being covered by the Danube and the village of Blenheim, their left by the village of Lutzengen, and their front by a rivulet, the banks of which were steep, and the bottom marshy.