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Within the past few years the method of teaching English literature in our public schools has changed for the better. A systematic study of the texts of English classic authors is now very generally held to be an important part of the regular course in most schools of a higher grade. In brief, pupils study what great authors have written, and not what some one has written about authors. Little has been done, however, to provide students with a judicious and methodical introduction to the English classic texts. Little attempt has been to map out a special course of study, or to furnish such suggestive details as are needed in the classroom work - Before entering upon the formal study of any representarive' aüther, pupils should have also a thorough drill on simple pieces.

This book aims to supply such a want. It is intended to serve as the basis of a regular course of study in English literature. · Erough material, supple:nented by a goodly amount of illustrative matter, is furnished for a methodical introduction to our best authors: For a year's work at least, no other book is necessary except an occasional copy of an inexpensive schocl iext.' The arrangement of the book is such that the work upon each author

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course, and the age and capabilities of the pupil, may permit. The details of the plan are more fully set forth in Chapters I. to VII. Teachers will doubtless find a former work by the author called “Study of the English Classics,” useful as a book of reference.

Some of the selections will have a familiar look to advanced students. Certain standard pieces never grow old. They are always new to each generation of young people. Our aim has been to select such pieces as are most interesting and suitable for classroom purposes. Hence some of the texts do not represent their authors at their best. The ambitious scholar should not rest content with merely studying this book. A text-book at the best is only a convenient and suggestive outline of the subject to be taught. Each and every topic in the succeeding pages should be more fully discussed and illustrated.

The thanks of the attor are due to Messrs. Houghton, Milfin; & Co., PPüthậm's Sons, and others, for kind permission toase selections from their copyrighted authors;


PROVIDENGE; R.I., March, 1888.

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