The Works of the English Poets: With Prefaces, Biographical and Critical, Том 21

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Samuel Johnson
C. Bathurst, 1779
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Страница 5 - (what will not time fubdue !}) An horrid chafm difclos'd with orifice Wide, difcontinuous ; at which the winds Eurus and Aufter, and the dreadful force Of Boreas, that congeals the Cronian waves, . Tumultuous enter with dire chilling blafts, Portending agues. Thus a well-fraught
Страница 2 - Full famous in romantic tale) when he O'er many a craggy hill and barren cliff, Upon a cargo of fam'd Ceftrian cheefe, High over-fhadowing rides, with a defigrt To vend his wares, or at th
Страница 218 - with as much ftudious care, As I would dens where hungry lions are ; And rather put up injuries, than be A plague to him, who 'd be a plague to me. I value quiet at a price too great, To give for my revenge
Страница 5 - But if a flumber haply does invade My weary limbs, my fancy 's ftill awake, Thoughtful of drink, and eager, in a dream, Tipples imaginary pots of ale, In vain ; awake I find the fettled
Страница 215 - have a little vault, but always ftor'd With the beft wines each vintage could afford. Wine whets the wit, improves its native force. And gives a pleafant flavour to difcourfe ; By making all our fpirits debonair, Throws off the lees, the fediment of care. But as the greateft
Страница 4 - prey, Regardlefs of their fate, rufh on the toils Inextricable, nor will aught avail Their arts, or arms, or fhapes of lovely hue; The wafp infidious, and the buzzing drone, And butterfly proud of expanded wings
Страница 48 - worth ! that earlieft gives Sure hopes of racy wine, and in its youth, Its tender nonage, loads the fpreading boughs With large and juicy offspring, that defies The vernal nippings, and cold fyderal blafts ! Yet let her to the Red-ftreak yield, that once Was of the Sylvan kind, unciviliz'd, Of no regard, till
Страница 73 - notes, And quaver unharmonious ; fturdy fwains In clean array for ruftic dance prepare, Mixt with the buxom damfels; hand in hand They friflc, and bound, and various mazes weave, Shaking their brawny limbs, with uncouth mien, Tranfported, and fometimes an oblique leer Dart on their loves, fometimes an
Страница 74 - Nor need we tell what anxious cares attend The turbulent mirth of wine ; nor all the kinds Of maladies, that lead to Death's grim cave, Wrought by intemperance, joint-racking gout, Inteftine ftone, and pining atrophy, Chill even when the fun with July heats Fries the fcorch'd foil, and dropfy
Страница 317 - But whither then we go, Whither, we fain would know ; But human underftanding cannot mew. This makes us tremble, and creates Strange apprehenfions in the mind ; Fills it with reftlefs doubts, and wild debates^ Concerning what we, living, cannot find. None know what death is, but the dead