History of the United States of America

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Independently Published, 10.08.2018 г. - 43 страници
The United States Of America is the most powerful country in the world.It will always be as such.Though the "Rise Of China" is presenting a "Giant Competition" to the modern "Roman Empire".But as we know about the Ancient Rome, Rome is Rome.Its like God is God, and he will always be the God.And whether "Chinese Empire", or the " Indian Empire", or the " European Empire", or any other "Great Empire" for that matter, But the "United States Of America" will always be the "Rome", as in the "God".All other "Great Empire", will mere be a "Secondary Empire", or more truthfully,the other "Great Empire" will merely be in the eyes of the "United States Of America", A "Disciple" of "Rome."Thus,in this context, the book presents " History Of United States Of America".The book presents the long history about the making of "Rome." The book presents American history,from "PreColumbian America",Colonial America, American Revolution, The Civil War, Reconstruction of America and the Gilded Age, World War 1,The Great Depression,World War 2,Post War Era, The Cold War, Domestic and Social Issues,Reagan Era, Post Cold War Era, 21st Century,The Bush Presidency,The Trump Presidency.Finally the book presents America as a changing, creative and adaptive country, and argue that it is this very nature that enable "The United States Of America" to become "Rome Forever."

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