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Beth and blood, carnal reason and sense, a ver them in all their straits and difficulties; .. thing altogether iinprobable, that ever fuch and a God who will never fail his own, thoughts of good-will should take efféct; being still the same unchangeable Jehovah: Vet in his own time he will come, accord- they are called, The children of the living ing to his promise and purpose : for now, | God. in the days of the gospel, he is calling VII. This sweet and excellent change is the Gentiles, according to his promise of wrought by faith in Jesus Christ, and clofold made by Hofea; As he faith also in ing with hiin according to the tenor of the

covenant, and obeying his voice in the goIV. Whatever the thoughts of good be, spel : for only such as are effe&tually called which the Lord carrieth to the vessels of meet with this real relative change. mercy, whom he has a purpose to glorify VIII. However the truly godly, in a with himself; yet, till the Lord come and place, may ly under many reproaches, and draw them out of their natural condition, be flandered as hypocrites, or opposed and and bring them in to Christ, and unite maligned because of their piety, and so be them to him in their effectual calling, their holden in little account and estimation ;: case and condition is most miserable and yet this may comfort them, that whatever fad, for they are not his privileged people, they have been before the Lord brought nor favoured and respected of him as his them home, yet the Lord accounts highly peculiar people, and chosen generation, i Per. of them, and ownerh them as his: for it ii.y. but are aliens and strangers from the is said, I will call them my people, and beCommonwealth of Israel, and without God, loved, and they shall be calied, 'The children as theirs in a saving manner, Eph. ii. 12. of the living God. nor are they favoured with the sweet fruits I IX. How profane, naughty, and graceand effects of his fatherly love and bene- lefs foever a place hath been, and how ficence; his fatherly bowels of compassion infamous soever for wickedness and Athedoth not so yearn towards them, however ism; yet that will not hinder the Lord from they be meeting with many common mercies being gracious to that people, when the and external favours with the rest of his time of love dawneth : For even in the creatures; for, before they were Lo-ammi, place where it was said, Ye are not my and not his people, and were not beloved people; there Mall they be called, The

V. The condicion of believers in Christ children of the living God. is most happy and blessed, having now a Dear relation unto God, as theirs by cove-| VERSES 27. 28. 29. Efaias also crieth connant, and being his people and subjects, cerning Ifrael, Though the number of the -onder his fatherly care and tuition, having children of Israel be as the fand of the

him their father, and a father full of com fea, a remnant shall be saved. passion and bowels of pity and mercy to | For he will finish the work, and cut it fort wards them, meeting daily with the fruits in righteou friefs : because a fort work thereof from him in ail his dispensations; will the Lord make upon the earth. they are now his people, and called and And as Efaias said before, Except the accounted so by himself, and beloved, yea, Lord of sabaoth had left us a feed, we : aod children of the living God.

had been as Sodoma, and been made like VI. Believers have a near and a close unto Gomorrha. relation to the God of heaven and earth, who is a living God, able to quicken them N O W, in the next place, the apostle when they are finking, and encourage IV comes to speak particularly and then when they are fainting, and to deli / more plainly of the rejection of the Jews;


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ing their destruction ; He will finish the from imminent destruction, or au overflow. work, and cut it fort; and a purt working scourgę, and pultiag out any as brands quill be make upon the earth.

from the fire, as Amos iv. 11. Zech. 1. 2. · V. How sharp and sad soever God's we thould take him up as manifetting his dealings be with his own people, whom almighty power, that his mercy may bulk he is about to chastife, and how beit they more in our eyes, and we may be made be ready to have hard thoughts of God's more thankful: therefore says he, Except dealings, as if he were too rigorous and the Lord of hofis had left us a feed. unjuft; yet all his judgments are executed 1X. God may be fo provoked to anger in righteousness; when he makes a short by the carriage of his people, as to cut off work, it is in rightcorners: he will cut it the body and bulk of a nation, and leave Sort in righteousness, See Pfal. ix. 8. Neh. but very few considerable persons behind, ix, 33. Lam. i. 18.

by sword, famine, and peftilence, and o VI. When God is about to execute his ther ordinary rods.: there was here but a anger against a people for their iniquities, small remnant left, as the feed in compari. he can fend a rod which thall make their son of the crop; Except the Lord bad left krength foon decay and come to a hair, us a feed. and their multitudes melt like snow before X. It is a great mercy, that when God the fun, like a consumption weakening draweth forth the fword of his anger to chem daily; and when he is fending a execute his vengeance upon finners, that e. rod, which, like an inundation, is 'over- ver he fhould fheath the same, until he hath flowing a whole land, sparing no ranks or made an arter erd of them, that there conditions of people; even then it is ruled should not be fo much as a remnant left; by a 'fure decree, which it cannot over- and how fore foever God strike his own, país, and conveyed in righteousness, so as it is a mercy that he puts any difference none have any just caufe to complain at betwixt them and his enemies, whom he the Lord's doing: for thus we read it in maketh examples of his fury for ever the original, The confuniption decreed mall Except the Lord had left us a seed, we overflow with righteousness; the Lord will had been like unto Sodoma and Gonorrha. make a consumption determined in all the | XI. When God's face is begun to fine land; his stroke may be a consumption, and upon his people, after he has chastised a consumption overflowing, and yet over them for their iniquities, then any little flowing in righteoufness, being a confump- mercy they meet with, how small soever it tion decreed.

be, will prove an inlet into, and arles of VII. The Lord Jehovah is fupreme more, and be as a door of hope unto them: Governor of heaven and earih, Matter of for that which Isaiah callerh a very small all the militia and forces there, and can remnant, the apople calleth it a feed; laymake use of all his creatures in heaven and ing, unless he had left us a feed; and feed earth, and of the most fecklefs of them as is the beginning of more See Hof, ii. 14. 15. an army, wherewith to prevail over proud enemies; he, as the Lord of hofts, or of VERSES 30. 31. 32. What mall we fly subaoth, ordering and disposing of all ar- then? That the Gentiles which followed mies as he thinks fit, being the great Gel nut after rightecusness, have attained to neraliilimo, making even such forces as are righteousness, even the righteousness which employed against his people and work, pro is of faith: mote his design. See Gen. xxxii. 1. Jof. But Ifrael, which followed after the law X, 11. Pial. Ixvii. 17.

of righteousness, hath not attained to the VIII. Whenever God is delivering us! law of righteousness.

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