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coming out of prison, as having fulfilled crisice he offered, and so well-pleased as to the bond he was lying under, as our cau- set him down on his right hand, (a great tioner, and receiving an acquitance at the token of honour, 1 Kings ii. 19. Pfal. hand of God the pursuer, and that for xlv. 9. Marih. X8. 21, and which was not all our tranfgreflions, if it were well view- granted to angels, Heb. i. 13.) and as one ed and seriously considered, would abund who entered heaven for our good, John antly keep a believer from staggering, in xiv. 2. yea, and in our names, he being a storm of accusations, and at the fear of our forerunner, Heb. vi. 20, and hence our of condemnation : for this is given as place is sure, Heb. xi. 23. i Pet.i. 5. and another ground of triumph, Yea rather, fet down at the Father's right hand, as that is risen again.

having power to right his own children, IX. Tho' the death of Christ rightly and give them what is purchased for them, taken up, may abundantly fortify a soul and what he left them in his testament, against all accusations of Satan ; yet there John xvii. 2. and to destroy his enemies, is more ground of triumph in his resurrec- and the enemies of his church, Píal.cs. 1. tion, this being a solemn discharge from yea, and sat down as our head, may abundall sin and condemnation, payment being antly ascertain believers of their being free made in his death, there is a subscribed dir. from condemnation, however they be excharge had in his resurrection, so as now a ércised with particular acculations: for to believer hath no cause to fear damnation, strengthen them the more against these onlet Satan multiply accusations as he can; sets, he adds, (as it were ex fuperabundwhich should cause believers study well the anti) and is even at the right band of God. right way of making use of his resurrecti- | XU. As under the law, the high-priest, on: therefore says he, Yea rather, that is and he alone, did enter into the holy of rifen again.

holies, with the blood of the sacrifice which X. Christ Jesus as our Mediator, was he had killed without, Lev. xvi. 11. 14. advanced to great glory and dominion, 15. 16. 17. all which were fatterns of having great power and majesty, and great things heavenly, Heb. ix. 23. so Christ authority, having all things under his Jesus, who is called a great high-priell, power, Eph. i. 22. &c. Matth. xxviij. 18. | Heb. iv. 14. after he had offered himself and so as being governor, he ruleth all a sacrifice to the death, Heb. ix, 26. cara things, in and for his church, having a ried his blood into the holy of holies, name above every name, Phil. ii. 9. 10. 11. Heb. ix, 12. and there appears, Heb. ix. and has all things under his subjection, Heb. 24. fends up a cloud of incense, Rev. ii. 7. 8. for he is here said to fit at the viii. 3. &c. yea, without this act of his right hand of God, and this right hand is priest-hood, he had not been a compleie cailed, a right hand of the majesty on high, 1 priest, but had left his office impertect, Heb. i. 3. and the right hand of the throne | Heb. viii, 4. and thus he was a priest for of the majesty in the heavens, Heb. viii. 1. ever, after the order of Melchifedeck, Pal fo it is called, the right hand of the throne cx. 4. Therefore it is said, who also maketh of God, Heb. xii. 2. See Psal. cx. 1. 1 Cor. intercession for us. XV. 25.

XIII. Tho’ Christ be now exalted ta XI. The consideration of Christ's being great honour and dignity, being set dowia welcomed of the Father, as one that had as our Head and Mediator at the right fully executed his commission, and done hand of God, and so crowned with unthat which the priests which stood daily, speakable glory and majesty, power and could not do, Heb. x. 11. 12, and as one dominion; yet doth he not forget his poor with whom he is well-pleased, for the fa- / brethren in the body, but even there


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our infirmities, Heb. ii. 17. 18. and iv. 15. as an absolute monarch, Joho v. 21. 26. and a sympathy which is finless and perfect, and so says no more in his prayer but, I will, is awakened by his union with his mem- John xvii. 24. avd lo he cannot be said pay, bers; he has, as it were, a natural inclina. Zech. i. 13. Father and Son having but one tion to have these evils redressed, and for will, John x. 30. and seeing he is interthis cause he appeareth in our nature, in ceeding with his own Father, John ii. 1. the merit of his facrifice, Heb. ix. 12. 14. John xx. 17. and fu cannot but be answerand thereby speakech his purpose to have ed, Joho xi. 41. 42. seeing he promised to our evils remedied, and declareth his will hear him, even upon that score, Psal. ii. 8. ingness to have all made out which was pro- yea, and with our Father, John xiv. 28. mised, and that with a holy and reverent and xvi. 26. 27. seeing also bis intercellion adoration, suitable to him as Mediator now extends to all cases and all per fons that glorified; being yet, as head of the body will come, and that to the uttermost degree, and Mediator, inferior to the Father, and Heb. vii. 25. and is most free, nor hindertherefore he is faid to pray the Father, ed by our staying back, Ifa. lxv, 24. nor John xiv. 16. and xvi. 26. and thus he is our sin, but thereby the more ftirred up; expecting to have his enemies made his foot. as a tender parent is affected with the child's pool, Heb. 8. 13.: Who maket b intercefron. | straits, tho' procured by its own folly. I

XIX. As the confideration of Christ's say, the consideration of this his intercel- ! intercefsion may abundantly confirm the lion upon these scores, may cause believers faith of believers touching the certainty abundantly to triumph against all that Saof their salvation, seeing it is his work to tan, the world, or a false heart can say: fave to the uttermost, completely and ful for this is added as another ground of trily, Heb. xii. 25. and not by halves norumph, Who Jhall lay any thing to the upon supposition, and thus his honour is charge of God's elect?' It is Christ that is engaged, as being surety, even to bring making interceffion for us. those he died for to salvation; so may the consideration of it corroborate and confirm us | VERSES 35. 36. 37. Who shall separate against all accusations and fears, from what. us from the love of Chrif? Mall tribua ever airth they come, seeing he is a great lation, or distress, or perfecution, or fahigh priest, Heb. iv. 14. 16. so great with mine, or nakedness, or peril, or fword? God that he cannot but prevail, being his (As it is written, For thy fake we are killnatural son, Heb. iv. 14. vii. 25. with 28. ed all the day long; we are accounted and so God as well as man, and a son for I as Sheep for the Naughter) eyer, Heb. vii. 28. and one with himself, | Nay in all these things we are more than and dearly beloved, and so can deny him conquerors, through him that loved us. nothing, Pfal. ï. 7. 8. yea, and a son who has been obedient, Heb. 5. 8. and there- T HE apostle having laid down such by glorified God, Joho xvii. 4. seeing also T excellent, and transcendently worthy he is placed in that office by the will and grounds of triumph, cannot foon win off appointment of the Faiher, Pfalm' cx. 4. them, but must yet extract further from and pleads upon the grounds of jui'ice; thence, foul-fatisfying and heart-rejoicing being our advocate, he pleads upon his conclusions, and fo go on in his glorious being a propitiation, 1 John ii, 1. 2. his triumph, and further challenging all eneblood itself speaks, Heb. xii. 24. and that mies whatsoever, to do what they can, in heaven too, Heb. xii. 22. 23. 24. and he and so cuteth the glove, to speak to, and seconds the cry thereof himself, feeing allo therefore he crieth out, who fall fepahe hath power to do what he will himself, I rate us from the love of Christ? having now



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