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children of God by faith in Christ Jefus, &c. the one hand, that it would be matter

V. Believers, and none but believers, of great comfort unto the Gentiles, to be eren such as have received Christ in the assured that it were true; and, upon the gospel, and welcomed him in their hearis, other hand, the proud Jew would hardly and have submitted to him upon his own let it light; he doth now prove, that the terms, are heirs of this righteousness, and way of justification is but one to both: persons to whom it properly belongs: for and that by this argument, all, both Jew it is to them that believe.

and Gentile, are alike in the mire, and VI. Whoever will fee in to Jesus Christ therefore the way to come out again must offered in the gospel, and anchor: their be alike; all have finned actually against fouls on this Rock of Ages, may be affur. God, and so are become guilty, beside the ed, that that righteousness of God which sinfulness of their nature, which they he hath purchased, shall be theirs; it shall were torn with. They have come sort of be given to them, and put upon them : the glory of God; that is, they have now and therefore he says, it is unto all that loft all strength and ability, having their believe. And, as if that would not satisfy, understandings corrupted, and wills debor be enough to make it true, he adds, praved, of ever attaining, through their and upon all, &c. as if he could not get own strength and industry, their former exprellions enough, and fit enough, to set condition and felicity; they have fitout its certainty.

:: | ten up in the race, and cannot attain that VII. So large and free is this covenant life of glory in communion with God, of grace, that whosoever will come shall which the Lord at first proposed as their be welcome; there are none excepted that end; for it is a metaphor taken from folks mind to come; whoever believeth, be they falling behind, and liting up in a race. Jew, be they Gentile, for now the middle wall of partition is broken down, Eph. ii. 14.

OBSERVATIONS. and whatever they have been formerly, 1 1. That the children of God be not glad they shall now be welcome, and all fall at a thing of naught, and that their joy and be alike sharers, be they weak or strong rejoicing may be solid and serious, the ferin the faith, if they have the like precious vants of God should endeavour, that whatfaith, 2 Pet. i. 1. the righteousness of God ever matter of comfort they hold forth, Thall be a cloathing to them ; for it is upon be well grounded, lest they be thought to allthem that believe, and there is no difference. | deceive them with vain fancies; and there

VIII. Jesus Christ and his righteouf- fore Paul would not only say, that the Genness is the common stock of all believers, tiles might expect justification the same way in all ages, of all sizes; they all wear one with the Jews, but he would prove it. and the-self fame garment, and bought that their joy at such glad tidings might be with one and the self same price : for it is the more folid and grounded. this one righteousness of God, which is un- II. It is dangerous to foster any root o to and upon all them that believe.

pride or self-conceitedness in people, ang

therefore the servants of the Lord should b VERSE 23. For all have finned, and come careful to ding the bottom out of their fali Mort of the glory of God.

grounds and principles, as the apostle dot

here; knowing that the Jews swelled wit T HE apostle having formerly said, pride because of their privileges; and

I that there was no difference betwixt this one among others, that they had Jew and Gentile, as to the way of being shorter cut to salvation and justificatio justified before God; and knoiving, upon ' than the poor Gentiles : he not only d

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