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Thoughts on various Subjects

351 The Story of the Injured Lady The Answer to the Injured Lady

370 Confiderations offered to the Right Hon, the

Lord Mayor, &c. of the City of Dublin, in the Choice of a Recorder

374 Advice to the Freemen of Dublin in the Choice

of a Member to represent them in Parliament

377 A Consultation of four Physicians upon a

Lord that was dying Advertisement for the Honour of the Kingdom of Ireland

390 A Letter from Dr. Swift to Archbishop

The Archbishop to Dr. SWIFT
The Lord Primate and Archbishop of Dublin

to Dr. SWIFT
The Archbishop of Dublin to Dr. SWIFT

399 The Archbishop to Dr. Swift

401 Dr. Swift to the Archbishop of Dublin 403 Dr. Swift's Answer to Lord PALMER

STON's Letter
Dr. Swift to Lord CARTERET

410 Dr. SWIFT to Mrs. MOORE

414 Mr. Pope to Dr. SHERIDAN

417 Mr. Pope to Dr. SHERIDAN

419 Letters from Dr. Swift to Dr. SHERIDAN

from 42 1 to 462 Prayers for Mrs. Johnson during her Sick. ness

463 Letters to Dr. SHERIDAN from 467 to 492


392 396



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