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The dullest Beast, and that which


kiss, May break a Limb of Master or Miss.

Of Serpent-kind, and what at Distance kills, Poor Miss Dingley oft hath felt its Bills.

The dullest Beast, and Eggs unsound, Without it I rather would walk on the Ground.

The dullest Beast, and what covers a House, Without it a Writer is not worth a Louse.

The dullest Beast, and scandalous Vermin, Of roast or boil'd, to the Hungry is charming. The dullest Beast, and what's cover'd with

Crust, There's nobody but a Fool that would trust.

The dullest Beast, and mending Highways, Is to an Horse an evil Disease.

The dullest Beast, and a Hole in the Ground, Will dress a Dinner worth five Pound.

The dullest Beast, and what Doctors pretend, The Cook-maid often hath by the End.

The dullest Beast, and Fish for Lent, May give you a Blow you'll for ever repent.

The dullest Beast, and a shameful Jeer, Without a Lady should never appear. .

Probatur Probatur aliter.


Long-ear'd Beast, and a Field-house for

Among the Coals doth often rattle.

A long-ear'd Beast, a Bird that Prates;
The Bridegrooms first Gift to their Mates;
Is by all pious Christians thought,
In Clergymen the greatest Fault.

A long-ear'd Beast, and Woman of Endor, If your Wife be a Scold, that will mend her.

With a long-ear'd Beast, and Med'cines Use, Cooks make their Fowl look tight and spruce. ·

A long-ear'd Beast, and holy Fable, Strengthens the Shoes of half the Rabble.

A long-ear'd Beast, and Rhenish Wine, Lies in the Lap of Ladies fine.

A long-ear'd Beast, and Flanders College, Is Dr. T-I to my Knowledge.

A long-ear’d Beast, and Building Knight; Cenforious People do în spight.

A long-ear'd Beast, and Bird of Night, We Sinners are too apt too flight.

A long-ear'd Beast, and shameful Vermin, A Judge will eat, though clad in Ermin.


A long-ear'd Beast and Irish Cart, Can leave a Mark, and give a Smart.

A long-ear'd Beast in Mud to lie,
No Bird in Air so swift can fly.
A long-ear’d Beast, and a sputt'ring old

I wish he were in it and dancing a sig.

A long-ear'd Beast, and Liquor to write, Is a damnable Smell both Morning and Night.

A long-ear’d Beast, and the Child of a Sheep, At Whist they will make a desperate Sweep. A Beast long-ear'd, and 'till Midnight you

stay, Will cover a House much better than Clay. A long-ear'd Beast, and the Drink


love best, You call him a Sloven in Earnest or Jest.

A long-ear’d Beast, and the sixteenth Letter, I'd not look at all, unless I look’t better. A long-ear'd Beast give me, and Eggs

unsound, Or else I will not ride one Inch of Ground.

A long-ear'd Beast, another Name for Jeer, To Ladies Skins there's nothing comes so near.


A long-ear'd Beast, and kind Noise of a Cat, Is useful in Journies, take Notice of that. A long-ear'd Beast, and what seasons your

Beef, On such an Occasion the Law gives Relief. A long-ear'd Beast, a Thing that Force must

drive in, Bears


his House, that's of his own contriving,

A L O V E S O N G.

PUD in is almi de fi re,

Mimis tres I ne ver re qui re.
Alo veri findit a gestis,
His miseri ne ver at reftis,



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IC, heris agro at, an da quar to fine ale,
Fora ringat ure nos, an da stringat ure



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By the Reverend DR. SWIFT, Dean of

St. Patrick's, Dublin.

Printed in thc Year MDCCLII.
Vol. VIII.


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