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The dullest Beast, and that which you kiss, May break a Limb of Master or Miss.

Of Serpent-kind, and what at Distance kills, Poor Miss Dingley oft hath felt its Bills.

The dullest Beast, and Eggs unsound, Without it I rather would walk on the Ground.

The dullest Beast, and what covers a House, Without it a Writer is not worth a Louse.

The dullest Beast, and scandalous Vermin, Of roast or boil'd, to the Hungry is charming. The dullest Beast, and what's cover'd with

Crust, There's nobody but a Fool that would trust.

The dullest Beast, and mending Highways, Is to an Horse an evil Disease.

The dullest Beast, and a Hole in the Ground, Will dress a Dinner worth five Pound.

The dullest Beast, and what Doctors pretend, The Cook-maid often hath by the End.

The dullest Beast, and Fish for Lent, May give you a Blow you'll for ever repent.

The dullest Beast, and a shameful Jeer, Without a Lady should never appear.


Probatur aliter:

Long-ear’d Beast, and a Field-house for P . Cattle, Among the Coals doth often rattle. : A long-ear'd Beast, a Bird that Prates; The Bridegrooms first Gift to their Mates; Is by all pious Christians thought, In Clergymen the greatest Fault.

A long-ear'd Beast, and Woman of Endors If your Wife be a Scold, that will mend her.

With a long-ear’d Beast, and Med'cines Use, Cooks make their Fowl look tight and spruce.

A long-ear'd Beast, and holy Fable, Strengthens the Shoes of half the Rabble.

A long-ear'd Beast, and Rhenish Wine, Lies in the Lap of Ladies fine.

A long-ear’d Beast, and Flanders College, Is Dr. TI to my Knowledge.

A long-ear'd Beast, and Building Knight ; Censorious People do in spight.

A long-ear’d Beast, and Bird of Night, We Sinners are too apt too flight.

A long-ear'd Beast, and shameful Vermín, A Judge will eat, though clad in Ermin.

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· A long-ear'd Beast and Irish Cart, Can leave a Mark, and give a Smart.

A long-ear'd Beast in Mud to lie, No Bird in Air fo swift can fly. A long-ear’d Beast, and a sputt'ring old

Whig, I wish he were in it and dancing a sig. - A long-ear'd Beast, and Liquor to write, Is a damnable Smell both Morning and Night.

A long-ear'd Beast, and the Child of a Sheep, At Whist they will make a desperate Sweep. A Beast long-ear’d, and 'till Midnight you

stay, Will cover a House much better than Clay A long-ear'd Beast, and the Drink you love

best, You call him a Sloven in Earnest or Jest.

A long-ear'd Beast, and the sixteenth Letter, I'd not look at all, unless I look’t better. A long-ear'd Beast give me, and Eggs

unsound, Or else I will not ride one Inch of Ground.

A long-ear'd Beast, another Name for Jeer, To Ladies Skins there's nothing comes so near. A long-eard Beast, and kind Noise of a Cat, Is useful in Journies, take Notice of that. A long-ear'd Beast, and what seasons your

Beef, On such an Occasion the Law gives Relief. A long-ear’d Beast, a Thing that Force must

drive in, Bears up his House, that's of his own con



A PUD in is almi de fi re,
A Mimis tres I ne ver re qui re.
Alo veri findit a gestis,
His miseri ne ver at restis.


· An EPIGRA M. IC, heris agro at, an da quar to fine ale, Fora ringat ure nos, an da stringat ure





By the Reverend DR. SWIFT, Dean of

St. Patrick's, Dublin.

Printed in the Year MDCCLII.
Vol. VIII.


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