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Why, then it was, I do assert,
Their Goodness, more than his Desert-
He grew, or else his Comrades ly'd,
Confounded Dull, -- before he dy'd.

He hop'd to have a Lucky Hit,
Some Medals sent him for his Wit;
But, truly there the Dean was bit

I think, for all your Jokes, • His Claim as good as other Folks.


• Must we the Drapier then forget ? 95 Is not our Nation in his Debt ? < 'Twas he that writ the Drapier's Letters ! He should have left them for his Betters; We had an hundred abler Men, Nor need depend upon his Pen.

Ιοο Say what


will about his Reading, You never can defend his Breeding ! Who, in his Satyrs running Riot, Could never leave the World in Quiet ; Attacking, when he took the Whim,

105 Court, City, Camp, all one to him.

But, why would he, except he hobber'd, Offend our Patriot, Great Sir * Robert,


Sir Robert Walpole, Prime Minister of State to King GEORGE I. and II, made Earl of Orford 1742-3.


Whose Councils and the Sov'reign Pow'r,
To fave the Nation ov'ry Hour ?
What Scenes of Evil he unravels,
In Satyrs, Libels, Lying Travels !
Not sparing his own Clergy-cloth,
But, cats into it, like a Moth.


If he makes Mankind bad as Elves,
• I answer, they may thank themselves;
• If Vice can ever be abashid,

It must be ridiculd or lapid.'
But, if I chance to make a Slip,
What Right had he to hold the Whip?


If you refent it, Who's to blame? · He neither knew you, nor your Names • Should Vice expect to 'scape Rebuke, « Because its Owner is a Duke ? « Vice is a Vermin; Sportfmen fay, * No Vermin can demand fair Play,' But ev'ry Hand may justly flay.




envy not the Wits, who write Merely to gratify their Spite ; Thus did the Dean; his only Scope 130 Was, to be held a Misanthrope. This into gen’ral Odium drew him, Which, if he lik’d, much Good may't do bim :

This gave him Enemies in Plenty,
Throughout two Realms nineteen in twenty,
His Zeal was not to lash our Crimes,
But Discontent against the Times ;
For, had we made him timely Offers,
To raise his Poft, or fill his Coffers,
Perhaps he might have truckled down,

Like other Brethren of his Gown,
For Party he would scarce have bled
I say no more because he's dead.

But who could charge him, to his Face, That e'er he cring'd to Men in Place? 145 • His Principles, of ancient Date,

Ill fuit with those profess’d of late : « The Pope, or Calvin, he'd oppose, . And thought they Both were equal Foes : (That Church and State had suffer'd more 150

By Calvin, than the Scarlet Whore : • Thought Popifo and Fanatick Zeal . Both bitter Foes to Britain's Weal.

The Pope would of our Faith bereave us

But still our Monarchy would leave us.155 · Not so, the vile Fanatick Crew;

That ruin'd Church and Monarch too,

Suppofing these Reflections just;
We should indulge the Dean's Disgust,

& Who


• Who saw this Factious Tribe caress'd,
6 And Lovers of the Church distress’d.
· The Patrons of the good old Cause,
• In Senates fit, in making Laws;
- The most malignant of the Herd,
• In surest Way to be preferr'd ;
• And Preachers find the better Quarter,
· For railing at the Royal Martyr.

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< Whole Swarms of Seets, with Grief, he

saw, More favour'd than the Church by Law. Thought Protestant too good a Name, 170 · For canting Hypocrites to claim, · Whose Protestation hides a Sting • Destructive to the Church and King : - Which might as well, in his Opinion, Become an Atheit, or Socinian,


A Protestant's a special Clinker • It serves for Sceptick and Free-thinker,

It ferves for Stubble, Hay, and Wood, For ev'ry Thing --but what it should."

What Writings has he left behind - 180
• I hear, they're of a diff'rent Kind :
A few, in Verse; but most, in Prose-
Some high flown Pamphlets, I suppose:


All scribbled in the Worst of Times,
To palliate his Friend Oxford's Crimes, 185
To praise Queen Anne, nay more, defend her
As never fav’ring the Pretender :
Or Libels yet conceal’d from Sight,-
Against the Court to shew his Spite :
Perhaps, his Travels, Part the Third;

A Lye at ev'ry second Word:
Offensive to a Loyal Ear :-
But—not one Sermon, you may swear.-

Sir, our Accounts are diff'rent quite, • And

your Conje&tures are not right; 195 'Tis plain, his Writings were design'd To please, and to reform Mankind;

And, if he often miss'd his Aim, « The World must own it, to their Shame;

The Praise is His, and Theirs the Blame.


· Then, since


dread no further Lashes, • You freely may forgive his Ashes.'



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