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a Rod of Iron, and in utter Despair of ever seeing the Monarchy restored, for the Preservation of which they had suffered so much, were to be blamed for calling in a foreign Prince, of their own Religion, who had a confiderable Army to support them, rather than fubmit to so infamous an Usurper as Cromwell, or such a bloody and ignominious Conventicle as the Rump? And I have often heard, not only our Friends the Diffenters, but even our common Enemy, the Conformists, who are converfant in the History of those Times, freely confess, that considering the miserable Situation the Irish were then in, they could not have thought of a braver or more virtuous Attempt; by which they might have been Instruments of restoring the lawful Monarch, at least to the Recovery of England and Scotland, from those Betrayers, and Sellers, and Murderers of his Royal Father.

To conclude: Whereas the last quoted Author complaineth, very heavily and frequently, of a BRAND that lieth upon them ; it is a great Mistake ; for the first original BRAND hath been long taken off ; only, we confess, the Scar will probably remain, and be visible, for ever, to those who know the Principles by which they acted, until those Principles shall be openly renounced ; else it must continue, to all Generations, like the Mark set which, some Authors say, descended to all his Posterity; or, like the Roman Nose, and Austrian

upon Cain, Lip; or, like the long Bag of Flesh hanging down from the Gills of the People in Piedmont. But, as for any Brands fixed on Schismaticks, for several Years past, they have all been made with cold Iron ; like Thieves, who, by the BENEFIT OF THE CLERGY, are condemned to be only burned in the Hand; but escape the Pain and the Mark, by being in Fee with the JAYLOR. Which Advantage the Schismatical Teachers will never want, who, as we are assured, and of which there is a very fresh Instance, have the Souls, and Bodies, and Purses of their People, an hundred Times more at their Mercy, than the Catholick Priests could ever pretend to.

Therefore, upon the Whole, the Catholicks do humbly petition (without the least Inþnuation of Threatening) that, upon this favourable Juncture, their Incapacity for Civil and Military Employments may be wholly taken off, for the very fame Reasons (besides others more cogent) that are now offered by their Brethren the Dilsenters. And your Petitioners, as in Duty bound,

fall ever pray, &c.

Dublin, Nov.



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Settling the Tythe of Hemp, Flax, &c.

by a Modus.


Printed in the Year MDCCLII.



N the Year 1734, a Bill was brought into

the House of Commons to settle a Modus, instead of the Tythe on Flax, &c. upon which many eminent Clergymen, who opposed that Scheme, applied themselves to Dr. Swift to write against it, which he readily consented to, upon their giving him fome Hints; and, in two Days after, the following Reasons were presented to several Members of Parliament, and had so good an Effect, that the Bill was dropped.

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