The British Steam-ship "Peterhoff.": A Report of Her Seizure by the United States Cruiser "Vanderbilt," and the Subsequent Proceedings in the United States Prize Court, at New York Before the Hon. Judge Betts

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L.H. Biglow, 1863 - 269 страници

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Страница 204 - In order to regulate what is in future to be esteemed contraband of war, it is agreed that under the said denomination shall be comprised all arms and implements serving for the purposes of war, by land or sea, such as cannon, muskets, mortars, petards, bombs, grenades, carcasses, saucisses, carriages for cannon, musket-rests, bandoliers, gunpowder, match, saltpetre, ball, pikes, swords, head-pieces, cuirasses, halberts, lances, javelins, horse- furniture, holsters, belts, and generally all other...
Страница xxv - Where were you born, and where do«you now live, and how long have you lived there. Of what prince or state are you a subject or citizen, and to which do you owe allegiance. Are you a citizen of the United States of America. Are you a married man, and, if married, where do your family and wife reside ? 2.
Страница xxxi - ... 38. What guns were mounted on board the vessel, and what arms and ammunition were belonging to her? Why was she so armed? Were there on board any other guns, weapons, warlike arms, or armament of any name or description, and if any, what? Were there any parts of warlike arms, not put together or finished, or any ammunition, fixed or unfixed, or any balls, shells, rockets, hand-grenades, flints, percussion caps, or any other thing known to be intended for military equipment? Were there any belts,...
Страница xxxii - ... and what other papers, that might be or were put on board your said ship? If so, state the tenor of such instructions and all particulars relating thereto. Are you in possession of such instructions, or copies thereof? If so, leave them with the commissioner, to be annexed to your deposition. 41. Did the said vessel, during the voyage in which she was captured, or on making any and what former voyage or voyages, sail to or attempt to enter any port under blockade by the arms or forces of any,...
Страница 248 - Are there in any country besides the United States, and where, or on board any and what vessel, or vessels, other than the vessel concerning which you are now examined, any bills of lading, invoices, letters, instruments, papers, or documents, relative to the said vessel or cargo, and of what nature are they, and what are their contents?
Страница xxvii - Of what country or state are they subjects or citizens? 15. Was any bill of sale given, and by whom, to the owners of the said vessel, and in what month and year? Where, and in presence of what witnesses, was it made? Was any, and what engagement entered into concerning the purchase, further than what appears upon the bill of sale? Where did you last see it, and what has become of it?
Страница 219 - It is no loose, unorganized insurrection, having no defined boundary or possession. It has a boundary marked by lines of bayonets, and which can be crossed only by force. South of this line is enemies' territory, because it is claimed and held in possession by an organized hostile and belligerent power.
Страница 258 - At a Stated Term of the Circuit Court of the United States of America for the Southern District of New York...
Страница xxxii - ... saltpetre, nitre, camp equipage, military tools, uniforms, soldiers' clothing or accoutrements, or any sort of warlike and naval stores, or steam engines or machinery, or parts thereof?
Страница 219 - All persons residing within this territory whose property may be used to increase the revenues of the hostile power are, in this contest, liable to be treated as enemies, though not foreigners. They have cast off their allegiance and made war on their government, and are none the less enemies because they are traitors.