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Lo, on his couch, the victor-victim lying,

Save to the few, the fatal stroke unknown; Above, his gladsome crew, his pennon flying,

And he, with that dark angel, death, alone!

But ever as the loud hurra*
Timed with triumphant peal his latest day,

By each new conquest o'er the scattering foe,
Flash'd on the ashen cheek the flickering glow.
And, like a star that pales beneath the morn,

When gradual broadening o'er the solemn sky, So life grew dark as glory drew more nigh!

Vain on that gentle heart the levin came;

Nor bays nor mingling myrtle there uptorn; And thoughts, like echoes in a shrine, repeat Familiar memories indistinctly sweet,

That blend his England's with his Emma's name.t

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The last guns heard that famous day

Along the deep were dying ;
No flag, save ours, within the bay

On a single mast was flying :
When the captain came where Nelson lay,

The chaplain by his side,
His hand he press’d, his cheek he kiss'd:

“Look up, the captain cried;
so Twenty have struck and the rest have fled,

We have won the victory !" Thank God, thank God,” then feebly said

The Sidney of the sea; I “My duty is done."$ So the race was run,

And thus our Nelson died.

* As often as a ship struck, the crew of the Victory hurra'd, and at every hurra a visible expression of joy gleamed in the eyes and marked the countenance of the dying hero.--- Southey's Nelson.,

"Next to his country she occupied his thoughts.”Ibid. 1 Nelson resembled Sidney in his fate, but yet more in his humanity. Each insisted, at the last, that the surgeon should leave him and attend to those to whom he might be useful.

$ “Thank God, I have done my duty!" These words he repeatedly pronounced, and they were the last words which he uttered.Ibid.


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