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into a steady course of usingthe law againstall kinds of offenders, this man was taken into the King’s business, and had the part of drawing, and perusal of almost all indictments and informations that were then to be prosecuted, with the pleadings thereon, if any were special ; and he had the settling of the large pleadings in the qua warraulo against London. His Lordship had no sort of conversation with him but in the way of business and at the bar; but once, after he was in the King’s business, he dined with his Lordship, and no more. And there he showed another qualification he had acquired, and that was, to play jigsupon air harpsichord. having taught. himseli; with the opportunity of an Old virginal of ‘his landlady’s, but in such a manner, (not for defect, but figure,) as to see him were .a‘jest. The King, observing him to be of a free disposition, loyal, friendly, and without greediness or guile, thought of him to be the Chief Justice of the King’s Bench at that nice time: and ministry could not but approve of it. So great a weight was there at stake, as, could notbe trusted to men of doubtful principles, or such. asany thing might tempt to desert them. While he sat in the Court of King’s Bench, he gave the ruleto. the general satisfaction of the lawyers. But his course of life was so different from what it had been, his business incessant,

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His friendship and conversation lay much among the good-fellows and humourists, and his delights were, accordingly, drinking, laughing, singing, kissing, and all the extravagances of the bottle. He had a set of banterers, for the most part, near him, as, in old time, great men kept fools, to make them merry. And these fellows, abusing one another and their betters, ‘were a regale to him; and no friendship or dearness could be so great, in private, which he would not use ill, and to an‘extravagant degree, in public. No one that had any expectations from him was safe from his public contempt and. derision, which some of 'his minions at the bar bitterly felt. ‘Those above, or that could tauri't, or benefit him, and none else, might depend on fair quarter at his hands. When he was in temper, and matters indifferent came before him, he became his seat of justice better than any other I ever saw in his place. He took a pleasure in mortifying fraudulent attornies, and would deal forth his severities with a sort of majestyl He had extraordinary natural abilities, but little acquired, beyond What practice in affairs had supplied. He talked fluently, and with

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with the rough side of his tongue.” It was or;dinary to.hear him say, “ Go, you are a filthy, ” with much more of like elegance. Scarce a day past that he did not ehide some one or other of the bar, when he sat in the Chancery ; and it was commonly alecture of a quarter of an hour long. And they used to say, “ This is yours; my turn will be to-morrow." He seemed to lay nothing of his business to heart, nor care what he did, or left undone ; and spent, in the Chancery ‘Court, what time he'thought fit to spare. Many times, on days of causes at his house, the company have waited five hours in a morning; and, after eleven, he hath come out inflamed, and staring like one distracted. And that visage he put on, when he animadverted on such as he took ofi'ence at, which made him a terror to real offenders; whom also he terrified with his face and voice, as if the

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