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conversation, not only pointing out the way to virtue, by putting your feet into it, and teaching you to tread it; (I speak not of fashioning or adorning your body, for I would not have you to measure my love and care by gay clothes, noble diet, and recreation, though you enjoyed these in some measure,‘) when you come to know and judge of this, I have reason to expect, and therefore may boldly challenge, that if you were to choose a father, you would seek me out. Should you now so behave yourself, that as if I were to choose a son, to adopt a gentleman into my family to inherit my name and fortunes, you only I should pitch upon; besides the joy of beholding it, I should have a requital even to my wish. Nor were it possible for you to die in my debt, for your education, if you observe this with like care to bring up your children also, (if it shall please God to give you that blessing;) and because I have an ambition to oblige posterity, I do here charge this duty upon you, that you also lay the like charge upon yours, and they on their children successively. For ingeq nuous manners first made us noble, marked out and advanced our family first to honour; with equal reason and more facility, will such manners preserve us noble, which is most certainly effected by education, otherwise the‘ estate I leave you will be but as rich trappings upon an ass,


and render you more ridiculous : wherefore,

whatsoever you leave your heirs, (and now I

speak to your posterity in you,). be sure to give

them a learned and liberal education; there

being, in my judgment, no other way to secure you from falling from honour, and the despite of fortune. This which I have said concerning your duty to me, is also applicable to the memory of your excellent mother, for a personal observance you cannot pay her. I most strictly charge you, often to call to mind, that you‘ and your brother have entered into a solemn engages ment unto me, under your hands, to imitate the honours and excellencies of that dear saint, the best of wives, the best of mothers and friends. Be religious in the performance of it, as you expect my blessing. Remember, Frank, she had more pangs in your bringing up, than bringing forth, and she hath been an excellent nurse to your mind, regarding more the health and straitness of that, than of your body, though this were cared for with the greatest tenderness imaginable. The truth is, you owe her so much that you cannot clear your obligation by any other way; nothing can discharge you, and acquit you to her also, but by being such to yours, as she has been to you, and thus her memOry is honoured, and I profess myself satisfied.

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. As for your carriage towards your brothers
and sisters, I must needs‘ say, that your natural
kindness towards them now, gives me great
hopes that you will be a loving brother here-
after. And be so, Frank, as you expect the
blessing of ‘God; and my favour. Besides, your
interest will require this from you, because a
numerous, wealthy, and ancient family, entire, ]
and agreeing within itself with all its dependants
and relatives, cannot easily be wronged ‘in such l
a country as this. I know very well how little
it can suffer, and how much it can do ;. butthen
it must be, as I said, entire. The dying father's
bundle of arrows in the fable, has an excellent
moral, to show, how invincible love and union
are. And that you. may rightly understand me,
this loveof yours to them, must not only be in
affectionate words, kind entertainment, and the
like, but in a hearty real performance of all good
oifices that may tend to the advantage of their
estates and reputation ; study to do them good,
and stay not for opportunities offered, snatch
them rather and prevent their wishes. This is
a noble way of obliging, and by this means you . .
may make them your friends, a dearer name by
far than that of brother or sister, and which, l
perhaps, may be repaid to yours, though yourself

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may not need the return; for I must tell you, kind oflices have been remembered when the bestower has been rotten. And a grandchild hath been thanked, sometimes relieved, for the grandfather’s kindness: insomuch as the courtesy to your brother may prove a charity to your child, think seriously of this, and remember it. But thatI may be thoroughly understood in this advice, your love doth not end here, and I am not fully obeyed if you only love them in that manner as I have expressed: you must endeavour that they love one another also; to this end, be sure to put out the fire of discontent, if any appear, or but the smoke thereof, presently, so soon as it doth appear, and be careful to put it quite out, for smothered discontents break out afterwards with more violence. And herein, after my decease, you are to show the authority of a father, as well as the love of a brother to your family; for which purpose, you ought to enable yourself with those abilities of understanding and judgment, that you may be a person fit to be sought unto, and to be relied upon. This will give you authority, and upon a presumption, these both sides.will be inclined to rest and settle, being confident that your equal affection ‘will not sufl'er you to deceive them, nor your sound reason to be deceived yourself.

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