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direction of that able officer, Colonel Charles Lg; the commander in chief will head the troops on the first sally, which will be made by the young levies, and he expects that the following arrangements will he most strictly attended to by the several commanders of brigades, &c. Field-Marshal the Marquis of T-perary (should his health permit) will command the household troops, and the Irish brigade, attended. by the K-g's own body-guard ; every eye will be directed towards him, as he will give the word of command from his high horse. The Marquis will not fai) to caution the Colonel of the Limerick Volunteers (or Potatoe Rangers) to avoid talking in the ranks, which they are so apt to do; it would be advisable that they should, 7100 speak at all, as the attack will probably be made in ibe night. The body-guard should attend to the qut-post avenues, suttling coffeehouses about the fort; and seize all those whom they may think likely to desert. Lieutenant-general the E-of Ch--m will not be in the field early; therefore, if he takes a command, it will be very late in the day. His post will be near the royal standard.

Major-general lhe Em C n will, as usual, reį main with the heavy artillery, or heavy baggage.

General E-Bhat will have the care of the fo

Tage, provisions, &c, and no doubt is entertained of 1 his preventing the men from getting at the spirituous

liquors, as drunkenness would be highly disgraceful at
such a; moment, Brigadier- general the E—of

W -d, from his experience, attention, and ele-
gant manners, will have under his charge the soldiers?
wiyes, and all other women belonging to the camp.
General E-I of L-r-1, General L-d H<by,
and Colonel R R----, who are usually inva-
kids, will atteyd the medical staff. That indefatigable
officer, General L- M-lg-ve, is always ready
take any post that is offered him. Should the Vist
M-ve accept of the rank of field-marshal, which


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has been offered to him, he will in that case command the Scotch Brigade. His Grace the D-e of Me has volunteered, in case of a parley with the enemy, to remain mounted on his charger during the battle; and will of course be attended by his trumpeter, on a white horse. Captains Sir V-y G-bbs and Pl—r. will act as aid-de-camps to Lieutenant-general El-n, and not to quit him, but decide when he ought to bring up his regiment of black hussars, who must be cautioned against plundering. The mayor of the city is supposed not to be well affected to the K-gos troops; he must be kept in irons and under a strong guard, and the keys of the citadel taken from hin, lest he deliver them to the enemy, who are reported to be in high spirits after the late victory at the battle of Ox-d. It is of the utmost importance that the commanding officers of regiments should impress their men with the idea of the greatest dissension prevailing amongst the enemies' troops. The Chaplain General will look to those persons under his control, and see that they administer every possible relief and comfort to the sick, wounded, and dying, who are known to ve sound Protestants-Catholic priests found in the garrison will be hanged. Generals C-leh and Čg, from their rashness, cannot be employed with safety, and will probably show theinselves with a small force on neutral ground, till they see how the battle is likely to turn-should they make a forward movement, they will be checked and narrowly watched at all times. "The military chest will be confided to that experienced veteran, Adjutant-general George R-e, who will furnish marching one pound notes (there being no guineas) to all young recruits, and will afford every assistance to deserters, who may surrender themselves previous to, or on, the 234 inst.Stragglers on the road will be forwarded up by commissaries stationed in the different towns.


S. GosNELL, Printer, Little Queen Street, London,

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