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255 of going round and round, as if he had been accustomed to turn a mill. A cat and dog's meat man, however, who was in distress, might think him worth his attention. To be seen at the stable in the Admiralty.

Chancellor, a dark brown horse. Some say he is å Scott; others, that he was bred at Newcastle. When a colt, he was reckoned good at a Bar leap; and on the Chancery course not a bad mover. He was, however, never welt upon his haunches, and dishes confoundedly.

Duellist, a brown colt, bred in the North of Ireland, He is cat-hammed, goose-rumped, and ewe-necked. Yet, with all these defects of shape, he was a horse of considerable performance, and excellent wind. He won the Union cup in Ireland; but in running lately for the Walcheren and Madrid stakes, he broke down most miserably. He can never be entered for a King's plate again; and, for many reasons, he will not answer · for breeding. But as a hack to run in a chaise, or the like, he is still of some value.

President, a bay horse, aged, dam by Chief Justice, grand-dam by Patriot, great grand-dam by Liberty, out of a Wilderness mare. His sire was the famous, Camden, who won the Magna Charta stakes, distancing 17 others. President is a strong bony punch of a horse, in good condition, very steady and quiet in harness, but a dull mover. For the plough, the cart, the dray, or the team, he will be found serviceable, as he is sound in linb, his constitution is good, and there is a good deal of hard meat in his belly.

Squil, a bay horse, originally used in a gig, or as a palfrey or pleasure-horse, by the late Mr. Pitt, who bred him, "He is, however, by no means safe, as he is skittish and as fidgétty as a colt fresh figged. In 1808 he was matched for the Commercial stakes against the famous American horse President, rode by Jefferson, and the Jockey Club at Lloyd's pronounced



SALES BY AUCTION, it a dead heat. It is, however, now well known, that there was a great deal of crossing and jostling on the part of Squib, and that President bad the advantage by a full head. In a late match on Putney Heath, against Duellist, he received a hurt in one of his quarters, in consequence of which he was drawn, and, it is sup, posed, he never will be fit to enter the lists again, We know nothing of his stock, either dam or sire. We have examined the Racing Calendar, but can find no trace of his pedigree.

SECOND DAY. Young Jenkey, a dirty cream-coloured colt. This, like the Vicar of Wakefield's colt, has been upwards of seven years in the family. He was matched, ip the last century, against Sans Culotte, in the celebrated race to Paris, but paid forfeit. At the Tranent Meeta ing, some years ago, in which many people were killed on the course, he showed some blood; and in the sweepstakes on the Westminster turf, after the death of that celebrated jockey Mr. Bill Pitt, he ran off with the famous Goose of the Cinque Ports to Walmer Castle.. Young Jenkey is very deficient in bone and sinew, He was got by Ploughboy, dain by Courtier, out of a Syco, phant mare.

Yelper. This is a little, bitter, hard-mouthed, hardbitten, hardy poney, something like a Scotch galloway. He is a constant goer; but the creature is scarcely equal to a feather. He was got by Delusion, dam by Anti-pope, grand-dam by Old Cant, out of a Quiz mare, own sister to Lord Egremont's celebrated cart-horse Reversioner.

Nineteen-pence halfpenny. A wall-eyed old horse, in very low condition; but, pishopped and figged, may make a showy appearance. He is very well known in Westmorland. General, own brother to Sweet William, by the



257 celebrated horse Chatham, out of a Grenville mare. This is a horse of as good blood as any in the kingdom, but he was spoiled in the training. He is a remarkably dull mover. When he started lately for the Antwerp stakes, he was not able to strike a trot, and was drawn to save his distance. Just recovered from the sleepy staggers.

Apsley, a br. h. got by Bathurst, won the Claret takes last year, heating Bumper and several others.

The following lot to be disposed of at the same time, to the first bidder : Blaster, a cart-horse, got by Fuller's-earth; he is a horse of good carcase--not warranted. Treasurer, late Cheesenipper, got by Purser, out of Old Rose--a very serviceable hack, but long past mark of mouth. Secretary, a fresh hack, by Defaulter, out of Scotch Kate, dam by Melo ville own brother to Wha wants me?

Note.--In our description of Duellist, one of the cast horses advertised on Saturday, we forgot to mention that he is an exact likeness of the Vicar of Wakefield's horse Tharnberry, who, Doctor Goldsmith says, wanted a tail.


[From the Morning Chronicle, Sept. 30.)
GOD prosper long our noble King,

Our cash and comforts all,
In Covent Garden, while I sing

The row that did befall:
To chase thc Cat with howl and horn,

John Bull went to the play,
And though she laughed him to scorn,

I trow he won the day.
The Kembles, Harris, Son, and Co.

Did vow to God God willing-
That for Grimalkin and their show

They 'd touch--the other skilling?




For they a Theatre had made,

This famous Cat to squall in;
With “ Annual Boxes" for the trade

No doubt of caterwauling !
John's native drama to undo,

With foreign airs and vices
And so they e'en impos'd their Neze,

And banish'd his « Old Prices."
Their Bownien bold, from Bow Street brought,

All chosen men of might
Resolv’d to stuff down Johnny's throat

Their Prices-wrong or right.
But John, whose skull with brains is cramm'd,

Their schemes did soon unriddle ;
** And if I have, may I be de

(Quoth he) your Cat and Fiddle!
“ What! think you me to tax and guilly

For building this here house!
Or thinks a Cat to catch John Bull-

Just as she'd catch a mouse?
" Your modesty, upon my soul,

Much with the ton increases,
That fain would cram each Pigeon-hole

With Seven Shilling Pieces !
“No, no-it will not do, Black Jack,

It shall not do-by jingo ;,
Old Plays and Prices we 'll have back,

And no outlandish lingo !"
The orchestra struck up in vain,

Macbeth and Wife were hissid !
And “ Birnam Wood to Dunsinane"

Unuotic'd pass'd, I wist.
For banners on the outward wall,''

The Tyrant had no use
Their scrolls within so thick did fall,

Though ne'er a flag of truce!
On Monday first the row begun,

Or call it what you may,
'Tis certain they kept up the fun
Until the Saturday,


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The Actors ran through every scene,

As fast as they could go-
As it a pantomime had been,

Or eke a puppet-show.
And though the people that were there
Most loud did roar and

Their backsides all, with special care,

Were turn'd upon the stage. OC-! it was a grief to see, (For word


could not hearExcept the speech of Mister Leigh)

A tragedy so queer!
To catgut, catcall did reply,

With bell and bugle brazen !
And all the golds, that sat on high,

Help'd out the diapason !
Yet bides Jack Kemble on the bent,

A Don of thorough blood;
With a-ches though his head was rent,

Firm as a mule he stood.
** Show me,” said he, 66 what 't is you want

What want ye here," he cried" We neither want your Cat or cant,.

Our Englishmen replied.
** Our notes for hers you sha'n't command;

And for her pipe, perdie,
We trust we have within the land

Five hundred good as she !
With that there came a glorious roar

Of.ratiles and of row.sticks;
As such there never did before

Confound the Catacoustics!
Then look'd our Manager, I trow,
: Like one in doleful dumps;
His pride was humbled to a bow,

Almost upon his stumps !
As thus he said" At length I yield,

You've got what you have wish'd ;
You 've won, John Bull, you've won the field,

And somike Cat is dish'd!


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