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-And now, with web-foot oars, she gains the land, And foreign footsteps press the yielding sand: - The Communes spread, the gay Departments

smile, Fair Freedom's Plant o'ershades the laughing isle: -Fired with new hopes the' exulting peasant sees The Gallic streamer woo the British breeze; While, pleased to watch its undulating charms, The smiling infant* spreads his little arms.

Ye Sylphs of Death, on demon pinions flit Where the tall guillotine is raised for Pitt: To the poised plank tie fast the monster's back t, Close the nice slider, ope the expectant sack; Then twitch, with fairy hands, the frolic pinDown falls the’ impatient axe with deafening din; The liberated head rolls off below, And simpering Freedom hails the happy blow!

* The smiling infant-Infancy is particularly interested in the diffusion of the new principles. - See the Bloody Buoy;' see also the following description and prediction :

Here Time's huge fingers grasp his giant mace,
And dash proud Superstition from her base;
Rend her strong towers and gorgeous fanes, &c.


While each light moment, as it passes by,
With feathery foot and pleasure-twinkling eye,
Feeds from its baby-hand with many a kiss
The callow nestlings of domestic bliss.

Botanic Garden. + The monster's back--Le Monstre Pitt, L'Ennemi du Genre hamain.-See Debates of the Legislators of the Great Nation passim.

This admirable burlesque on Dr. Darwin's Loves of the Plants' is said to be the joint composition of Messrs. Canning, Ellis, and Frere.


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Ludicrous and Sportive.

On the Death of Dick, an Academical Cat.

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Ye rats, in triumph elevate your ears!
Exult, ye mice! for Fate's abhorred shears
Of Dick's nine lives have slit the catguts nine;
Henceforth he.mews 'midst choirs of cats divine!
Though nine successive lives protract their date,
Even cats themselves obey the call of Fate;
Whose formidable fiat sets afloat
Mortals and mortal cats in Charon's boat:
Fate, who cats, dogs, and doctors makes his prize,
That grace Great Britain's universities.
Where were ye, nymphs—when to the silent

Of gloomy Acheron Dick travel'd post ?
Where were ye, Muses, in that deathful hour ?
Say, did ye haunt the literary bower



Where Science sends her sons in stockings blue
To barter praise for soup with Montague?
Or point prepare for Boswell's anecdote,
Or songs inspire, and fit them to his throat?
For not on Isis' classic shores ye stray'd,
Or brew'd with Cherwell's wave your lemonade;
Nor assignations kept with grizzled elves,
Where learning sleeps on Bodley's groaning

Nor, where no poet glows with kindred fire,
Wept o'er your favourite Warton's silent lyre.

While venal cats (leagued with degenerate curs, Of faded Prudes the four-legged pensioners) On the soft sofa ranged in order due, For eleemosynary muffin mew, Regardless of the meed that Fame bestows, Their tail a feather for each wind that blows; Thee, generous Dick, the cat-controlling powers Ordain'd to mouse in academic bowers; Bade thee the sacred stream of sapience sip, And in Pierian cream thy whiskers dip!

Enshrined celestial cateries among, The sable matron, from whose loins he sprung, Who traced her high descent through ages dark From cats that caterwaul'd in Noah's ark, Stern brindled nurse, with unremitting care, To high achievements train’d her tabby heir; On patriot cats his young attention fix’d, And many a cuff with grave instruction mix'd; Taught the great truth, to half his race unknown, • Cats are not kitten'd for themselves alone; But hold from Heaven their delegated claws, Guardians of larders, liberty, and laws.'

Let cats and catlings of ignoble line Slumber in bee-hive chairs, in dairies dine;

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