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Signed sealed and published and declared by the said Joseph Addison to be his last will in the presence of us who have in his presence and by his order subscribed our names as witnesses thereunto :

Thomas Marriot.
Thomas Judd.

William Nicholson. Probatum fuit hujusmodi Testamentum apud London Vicesimo Die Mensis Junij Millesimo Septengentesimo Decimo nono Coram Venerabili_Viro Exton Sayer Legum Doctore Surrogato Venerabilis et Egregij viri Johannis Bettesworth Regum etiam Doctoris Curiæ Prærogative Cantuariensis Magistri Custodis Sive Commissarij legitime constituti Juramento Prænobilis et Honorandæ Feminæ Charlottæ Comitissæ De Warwick et Hollandiæ Relictæ Dicti Defuncti et Executricis in Dicto Testamento nominat. Cui comissa fuit Administratio omnium et singulorum bonorum jurium et creditorum dicti defuncti De bene et fideliter Administrando eadem ad Sancta Dei Evangelia Jurat.

Chas. Dyneley, Deputy

John Iggulden,
W. F. Gostling,


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*** The Editor has advisedly omitted as valueless a number of short official letters, mostly transmitting addresses of the House of Commons to the Lords Commissioners of the Treasury," the Secretary at War,' the Lords Commissioners of Trade,' or 'the Master-general of the Ordnance,' directing certain accounts to be laid before the House. They have no other interest than the frequency of them, which proves, in contradiction to a received opinion, that Addison was anything but an idler during his eleven months' Secretaryship. They are all dated from Whitehall in 1717-18. Besides these we have many letters written during this period, in the name of Addison, by his Secretaries TEMPLE ŠTANYAN and Thos. TICKELL, which, excepting that they generally allege the illness of Addison, are drily official.

The dates of those signed by Addison are as follow:



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April 30. To the Lords Commissioners of Trade, For their

Lordships to consider and report to his Majesty as to the policy of permitting the king of Spain

to appoint a consul at Gibraltar. May 4.

To Ed. Hughes, Esq., Judge Advocate, Postponing

the execution of Thos. Grinshield and Jos. Earle,

deserters from Brigadier Gore's regiment. 9. To the Lords Commissioners of Trade, Mr. Chet

wynd being appointed Plenipotentiary to Madrid, enquiring whether they have anything to

add to his instructions. 10. To the Lords Commissioners of the Treasury,

For an account of the expenses of 6000 Dutch

troops during the late rebellion. 17. To Thomas Coleby, Esq., on the same subject. 23. To the Secretary at War, For list of officers of the

late regiments commanded by Brigadier Douglas

and Sir James Wood. 23. To the Lords of the Treasury, For the vouchers of

£2106 for bringing Dutch troops to Ostend; For do. of £992 3s. 6d. for Tents, Jacks, &c.; For all contracts relating to transport of Dutch troops; For all Bills of Exchange drawn from abroad in

1715 and 1716 on account of the late Rebellion. June 5. To the same, Enclosing the Earl of Stair’s recom

mendation of Lieut. Alex. Macdonald and Thos. Butler, for services to his Majesty; there not being an opportunity to provide for them regu

larly in the War Office. 6. To the same, For account of what is due to sufferers

at the Islands of St. Neve's and St. Christopher's. 14. To the Duke of Marlborough, Announcing the

appointment of Col. Armstrong and Col. Lascelles as Commissioners for the demolition of the works at Dunkirk, and requesting his

Grace's directions to them. 20. To the Lord's Commissioners of Trade, Enclosing

Tariff of the new rates or valuations of the English Goods in Spain, with directions to consider how far the proposed rates may be for the

advantage of our trade, &c. August 6. To Lord Montgomery, Informing him that he had



received directions for the delivery of his papers, (which had been seized,) and that “in case the

person seized at Dover belongs to your Lordship’s

family, he will be delivered up at the same time.” Oct. 18. To the Lords Commissioners of Trade, Enclosing

Memorial of Sir Nicholas Lawes, Governor of
Jamaica, praying a dormant commission for a

25. To the same, “ The Lord's Proprietors of the Ba-

hama Islands in America being about to surrender to the Crown their right and power

You are hereby directed to accept and transmit the said surrender, &c. Nov. 28. To the Lords of the Treasury, For accounts of the

deficiencies of the grants for 1717; and of the net produce of the funds for payment of the

National Debt, &c. 28. To the Secretary at War, For account of garri

sons and land-forces, lists of officers on half-pay. 28.

To H. G. the Duke of Marlborough, for army

estimates. 29. To the Lords of the Treasury, For Ordnance ac

counts. 29. To the same, For an account of £20,000 granted

for contingencies of the land-forces, of £28,245 9s. 2d. for fire and candle for the garrisons of Great Britain, and of £23,927 38. 6.d. for Ge

neral and Staff Officers. 29. To the Secretary at War, For an account of the

number of each particular regiment contained in the estimates for guards and garrisons; of the land-forces disbanded, and what the saving doth

amount to. 1717-18. Jan. 6. To the Lords Commissioners of Trade, Enclosing

a letter from Mr. Worsley, H. M. Envoy in Portugal, in vindication of Mr. La Roche, who had refused to accept the office of Treasurer of

the English Factory at Lisbon. 1718. Jan. 20. To the same, For an account of Bullion exported. 29. To the same, Letter enclosing petition of Ama

rantha Somers.

Further Analyses of Official Letters signed by Addison.

1714. St. James's, To Mr. Secretary Bromley, Requesting him in August 9. the name of the Lords Justices to cause a

Warrant to be prepared for making the Earl

of Darby Lord-Lieutenant of Lancashire. St. James's, To the same, In name of the Lords Justices, August 10. desiring that Lord Stafford may present a

Memorial to the States-General. St. James's, To Mr. Secretary Bromley, Conveying their August 11. Excellencies' commands that he shall lay be

fore them the Draughts of all letters written to his Majesty's Ministers in foreign courts

before such letters are sent away. St. James's, To Mr. Secretary Bromley, Informing him in August 12 respect to a Petition of Peter Hambleton,

that he, not having made such discoveries as he promised, the Lords Justices will have no further regard to it, and desiring him to be informed that he need not flatter himself with

any vain hope of a further reprieve. St. James's, To Lord Bolingbroke, Enclosing by command of August 18. the Lords Justices, a statement of the difficulties which remain


the Assiento contract laid before them by the South Sea

Company St. James's, No Address, (probably to Mr. Secretary BromSept. 10.

ley,) Enclosing a Petition from John Thomeur, a merchant at Portsmouth, complaining of a riot there to obstruct him in a loyal and beneficial trade to this kingdom. The Lords Justices desire you will write to the Mayor to suppress this riot and punish the


To the Lord Treasurer, Requesting in the name Query, about of the Lords Justices, an advance of £200 to July 19, Capt. Robert Monroe, M. P., he being on his 1715.

departure thither, (name of place torn off,) upon business that requires the utmost despatch.

1717. To the Lord-Lieut. of Ireland (Duke of Bolton), Whitehall, Transmitting Memorial of Lord Stockalan, June 1. desiring a post in the army suitable to his

seniority, or the Government of Athlone. Whitehall, To Lord Cornwallis and James Craggs, Esq., June 15. Postmasters-General, Enclosing, by their Ma

jesty's commands, the Petition of several merchants of London trading to Oporto, Viana, and Galicia, praying for the establishment of two Packet-boats between Great Britain and the Groyne. The Petition states that there is exported from Great Britain in woollen and fish to the value of £100,000 per annum; and that letters being obliged to be sent by way of Lisbon take ten weeks before

they can get an answer. Whitehall, To Solomon Dayrolles, Esq., Stating that the August 15. King, having been informed of his desire to

be recalled from Geneva, letters of revocation would be transmitted by the first opportunity; and the necessary directions be given to Lord

Sunderland for fixing him at the Hague. Hampton To the Earl of Sunderland, by desire of the

Court, King, Empowering him to countersign a Sept. 10.

Commission appointing Capt. Adam Williamson to be Captain of Carisbrook Castle, Isle of Wight.

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