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N bringing this Collection before the Public, the Editor flatters himself with believing, that he does an acceptable service. Every man in these States, in some degree, is interested in the history of ENGLAND, that important portion of the globe. It is necessary, there. fore, to be acquainted with whatever developes her con. duct and character, whether of a political or a commercial nature-to observe, with a watchful eye, the proceedings of that wonderful nation, whose wealth and enterprize, power and ambition, are either the ada miration or the terror of the world.

To the Citizens of AMERICA, this volume will afford much information - It will be useful to a people just rising into manhood, who are fitting themselves, upon new principles, to appear with dignity amongst the nations of the earth. There is not a man who can read, and think, but who, from the perusal of these pages, may draw a lesson, either to avoid moral evil, or shun political guilt. These Trials, however, are not brought


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forward to serve as precedents to the people of America, but as warnings to them-God forbid, that these coun. tries should ever be cursed with State plots, State per. secutions, and State spies and informers.

To the Gentlemen of the Bar, this book must be a valuable acquisition—it is a combination of law knowledge and historical facts. Besides making them acquainted with the criminal jurisprudence of another country, it will lay open to their study and imitation, the productions of a man who is thought to excell all his cotemporaries in the powers of forensic eloquencea genius of a superior cast, who, in the skilful man. agement of all the beauties and energies of the English language, delivers his opinions

In thoughts that breathe, and words that burn." From this book the Politician may learn, in the his. tory of unfortunate IRELAND, the disastrous consequences of a bad system of government, and how to appreciate the blessings of a good one. It will shew him the fatal effects of the abuse of power, of com, mercial restraints, and of religious oppression—To him in particular, who wishes to exhibit his talents in the Senate, from the choicest flowers of pratory, he may learn the soundest maxims of morality, and the purest principles of political justice.

To Clerical men, also, it is presumed, this book may have its uses—Without calling their attention to The History of the Church, from the example of Ireland, alone, both Churchmen and Statesmen may know, that compulsion is not conversion—that neither fire nor faggot, the gibbet nor the bayonet, nor penal statutes, are right methods of reclaiming men from error. They may now have learned, that every Şect, when legalized,


is inclined to domineer; and that almost every Sect, in its turn, when in power, has persecuted— That the better way is, to leave the Catholic and the Presbyterian, the Churchman and the Dissenter, each to his own | opinions That “peace and good will to men” is the essence of all Divinity; and that brotherly love and universal charity, are the best tests of true Religion. *

To the pure, unsophisticated Moralist-he who can soar above local prejudices; who can extend his thoughts beyond the narrow circle in which he happens to move ; whose motives are influenced by Religion, and whose actions are guided by Honour—this book will bring bim neither joy nor comfort-it gives a dark and ugly view of human nature-a mela.Shioly representation of Violence wielding the sword of Justice, and Ambition assuming the mantle of Religion; of Vice exalted, and Virtue depressed; of Power trampling upon weakness, of public wrongs and private sufferings. When the man of feeling reads these pages, and casts his eye over The History of Nations; when he views the sad picture of folly and of crimes, of fraud and usurpation; when he observes the mass of evil, which, under the name of Government, for nearly six thousand


has oppressed, enslaved, and degraded by far the greatest portion of mankind-with a sigh, he will wonder at the vast extent and duration of human misery, and almost doubt the being and goodness of a Deity! +

" The substance of religious service, is social service-Benevolence to Man, is the Beauty of Holiness.". -See the liberal, the eloquent, and the argumentative Sermons of J. Fawcet.

+ The Reader will perceive, that the Writer points to a general view of the history of the old world-He flatters himself with hoping, that the governments of the new world will present a more plear. ing theme to future Historians.

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