The Works of William Cowper, Esq., Comprising His Poems, Correspondence, and Translations: With a Life of the Author, Том 6

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Страница 54 - It will be a pity if he should not hereafter divest himself of barbarism, and content himself with writing pure English, in which he appears perfectly qualified to excel. He who can command admiration, dishonours himself if he aims no higher than to raise a laugh.
Страница 160 - The learning, the good sense, the sound judgment and wit displayed in it, fully justify not only my compliment, but all compliments that either have been already paid to her talents, or shall be paid hereafter.
Страница 301 - Next Camus, reverend sire, went footing slow, His mantle hairy, and his bonnet sedge, Inwrought with figures dim, and on the edge Like to that sanguine flower inscribed with woe. Ah; who hath reft (quoth he) my dearest pledge?
Страница 347 - I did not write the line, that has been tampered with, hastily, or without due attention to the construction of it, and what appeared to me its only merit, is, in its present state, entirely annihilated.
Страница 11 - In short, it is not his least praise that he is never guilty of those faults as a writer, which he lays to the charge of others. A proof that he did not judge by a borrowed standard, or from rules laid down by critics, but that he was qualified to do it by his own native powers, and his great superiority of genius. For he that 'wrote so much, and so fast, would through...
Страница 291 - That one was addressed to a lady whom I expect in a few minutes to come down to breakfast, and who has supplied to me the place of my own mother — my own invaluable mother, these six-and-twenty years.
Страница 348 - ... alteration, would undoubtedly condemn ; and yet (if I may be permitted to say it) they cannot be made smoother without being the worse for it. There is a roughness on a plum, which nobody that understands fruit would rub off, though the plum would be much more polished without it. But lest...
Страница 48 - You will find me therefore perhaps not only less alert in my manner than I usually am when my spirits are good, but rather shorter. I will however proceed to scribble till I find that it fatigues me, and then will do as I know you would bid me do were you here, shut up my desk, and take a walk.
Страница 54 - My head, however, has been the worst part oftne, and still continues so, — is subject to giddiness and pain, maladies very unfavourable to poetical employment ; but a preparation of the bark, which I take regularly, has so far been of service to me in those respects, as to encourage in me a hope that by perseverance in the use of it, I may possibly find myself qualified to resume the translation of Homer. When I cannot walk, I read, and read perhaps more than is good for me. But I cannot be idle.
Страница 291 - I have not seen these thirty years, a picture of my own mother. She died when I wanted two days of being six years old ; yet I remember her perfectly, find the picture a strong likeness of her, and because her memory has been ever precious to me, have written a poem on the receipt of it: a poem, which, one excepted, I had more pleasure in writing than any that I ever wrote. That one was addressed to a lady...