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In the present state of periodical literature, it becomes the imperative duty of all the sincere friends of the Evangelical Magazine to rouse themselves to redoubled exertions on its behalf. As every revolving month brings along with it the intelligence of some new and rival publication, it is clear, even to demonstration, that nothing short of a conscientious attachment can long secure the present extensive sale of this popular Magazine.

The question, then, is, Do the reasons of such conscientious attachment exist? We humbly submit that they do, and that to a degree that all may perceive, if they will but allow themselves to reflect. In the first place, let it be distinctly remembered that the Evangelical Magazine has been a main agent, in the hand of Divine Providence, in originating and building up most of those religious and charitable institutions which are the glory of our country, and the blessings of mankind. The friends of Missions, of Tract Distribution, and of Bible Societies, ought, one and all, to be friends and supporters of the Evangelical Magazine; for its pages bear ample testimony to the fact, that these institutions are all greatly its debtors, and that, too, at periods of their history when scarcely any extensive periodical advocacy but its own existed. It may be affirmed, with confidence, that the great and good men who originated, and for many years conducted, this periodical, were, some of them, the honoured individuals who formed the societies in question, and who exerted their utmost energy in fully establishing them in the confidence of the Christian public

In the second place, the catholic and neutral ground taken by this Magazine entitles it to a place in the hearts and in the libraries of all sincere Christians. Times, indeed, have materially altered since first its originators threw it on the patronage of the religious world. The evangelical clergy of the national church have been greatly multiplied, and various monthly publications have sprung up to represent the several shades of religious opinion and feeling which exist in that rapidly-increasing section of the Christian Church ; but surely the men who stand in the place of Eyre, and Haweis, and Newton, cannot allow themselves to look with indifference or disaffection upon a work-almost the only one in this day of sectarian zeal—which aims, according to its original design, to unite the divided children of God, and to urge forward that great and happy crisis, when they all shall be one,” and when, in that auspicious union, the world shall be compelled to trace the divinity both of Christ and his Gospel. And, on the other hand, if Protestant Dissenters of the evangelical order have found it necessary, which we by no means deny, to set up their several organs of ecclesiastical literature, let them not forget that Bogue, and Waugh, and Greathead, and Fuller, and Ryland, and Townsend, and Wilks, were the honoured men who originated and advocated the catholi c and inclusive principle of this Magazine.

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