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- ted Males. begun and held at New York being the Seat of the national Government) on the first Monday of February, and on the first day of Jaid minth

month Anno Domini 1790



The Monde John Jay Eng Cobel funtice-
The Honto. William Cushing and
The Hon. James Millon by " Asperiati funtions

This bring the day assigned by Laws for commmning the first Sessions of the Samime Court of the whe -ted States, and a Jufficient Number of the Justice not bring convened the Court is adjourned, by the fus - tices how present, untill to Morrow, at one of the dock in the afternoon

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Mr. Justice Wilson's name is consistently misspelled in this record. Compare it with his signatures to the Declaration of Independence and to the Constitution. I am happy to bear witness to the fact that the modern successors of the first clerk are more accurate than he was.


Tuerday. Teb7 24 1790



The Honda Joten Jory boy chast funtion
Eng : Chief
William Cushing
John Blair Eng" Aferuate Justices

Willson, and

Proclamation is made and the Court is opened

Lettier patient to the Monorable John Jay ing beaming date the 26th day of Vente 1789 appointing ham chip furtice, of the Junoone Court of the Whiled dilson opunly orad, and publistidum Court

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Letties patent to the Hons. William Cushing's bearing date the 27th day of stente 1789 appointing him associate fructice of the Sup Court of the United State are openly read and quillented in fourt

Letter matent to the Stomb & Jammer Million try! beanng date the 29th day of stent : 1789 annointing them leperiate puntice of the sun Court of the Wild read and publishes in fourt

States, are


Letter mators to the Hone & John Blair Erg bear. Date the 30th day of Sept. 1789 anpainting Curce Apociate purtice of the ther of the States are openly read and published in Courtare openly.


Letters patent to Edmund Randolph of Vaginia Lig: braving date the 26th day of Sept 1789. appoint. him Altomey General for the United states are Spinly read and published in Court


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ordered that Richard Wenman, be, and he is ap


porated Cryer of this fourt

Adpurned untill to morrow at one of the clock in the



The Honble

Wednesday. Teb 7. 3.2 8789


The Stone William Chef Justice

James Millsore, and
John Blair to Apriate furtices



Phorlamation is made and the Court is opened



Ordered, that Joherr Tucker Eng: of Asation, be the deck of this Court. That he wride, and keep his Office at the Seat of the national Govemment, and that he do not practise ather as an ally, or a Counsellor in the fut while he shall continue to be bleak of the fame


The Jaid John Tucker in open Court takes the Bath of Office by Law prescribid to be taken by the lock of this Court; and an Sath to Jupport the Constitution of the United States, and also giver (sondoppiard of by the outs to the United States for the faithful discharge of his Dirty as leak afsused, as by Law required.

ordered that the Seal of this Court shall be the lam, of the United States, engraid on a circular piece of Steel of the Size of a Dollar, with there words in the mar= gin." The deal of the Supreme Court of the United States " And that the Seals of the Circuit Courts, shall be the Arms of the Rinited States engravin on circular picas of Silver of the Sore of half a Dollar, with thise words in the Margin Vs. In the upper pact "the Teal of the circuit Court, in the lower part the of the district for which it is intended



ordered, that the Clerk of this Court cause the be= -fore mentioned Seals to be made accordingly, and when done that he convey there for the ceraut fourts to the Dis=trict Clucks ropee wfuctudly

Adjourned to Friday the fifth day of The67 $790

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