Elements of astronomy, illustrated by problems on the globes, and adapted for the use of young persons, with a set of questions for examination

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Longman, Rees, Orme, & Company, 1828 - 182 страници

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Страница 133 - One sun by day, by night ten thousand shine ; And light us deep into the DEITY. How boundless in magnificence and might ! O what a confluence of ethereal fires, From urns unnumber'd, down the steep of heaven, Streams to a point, and centres in my sight ! Nor tarries there ; I feel it at my heart. My heart, at once, it humbles, and exalts; Lays it in dust, and calls it to the skies.
Страница 46 - He conceived that the celestial spheres in which the planets move, striking upon the ether through which they pass, must produce a sound ; and that this sound must vary according to the diversity of their magnitude, velocity, and relative distance. Taking it for granted that every...
Страница 120 - That the planets all move in elliptic orbits, of which the sun occupies one of the foci. 3. That the squares of the times of the revolutions of the planets are as the cubes of their mean distances from the sun.
Страница 132 - The empyreal waste, where happy spirits hold, Beyond this concave heaven, their calm abode ; And fields of radiance, whose unfading light Has travelled the profound six thousand years, Nor yet arrives in sight of mortal things.
Страница 20 - ... fallacy, and reasoning upon it with the same confidence as if it were true. On the 9th of June we sailed from Arica, and steered along shore to the north-west. In the evening of that day we had a fine view of the Cordillera, or highest ridge of the mountains, not less than between eighty and a hundred miles off. It was only when the ship was at a considerable distance from the shore that the higher Andes came in sight ; for when near to it, the lower ranges, themselves of great height, intercepted...
Страница 46 - ... sound must vary according to the diversity of their magnitude, velocity, and relative distance. Taking it for granted, that every thing respecting the heavenly bodies is adjusted with perfect regularity, he further imagined, that all the circumstances necessary to render the sounds produced by their motion harmonious, were fixed in such exact proportions, that the most perfect harmony is produced by their revolutions. This fanciful doctrine respecting the music of the spheres gave rise to the...
Страница 139 - The little derangements which affect the motion of the heavenly bodies are apparent only to the eye of the astronomer ; and even these, after reaching a certain limit, gradually diminish, till the system, regaining its balance, returns to that state of harmony and order which preceded the commencement of these secular irreyularitiis.
Страница 139 - System of Astronomy, by Mr. Vince, Plumian Professor of Astronomy and Experimental Philosophy. The fifth edition of an Analysis of the Greek Metres, by Dr. Scale. A Confutation of Atheism, from the Laws and Constitution of the Heavenly Bodies, by Professor Vince.
Страница 111 - ... demonstrated respecting motion in circular orbits. The planets then and their satellites being known by Kepler's laws to move in elliptical orbits, and to describe round the sun in one focus areas proportional to the times by their radii vectores drawn to that focus, and it being further found by those laws that the squares of their periodic times are as...
Страница 96 - Venus, the next in order to Mercury, is the most brilliant of all the planets. When visible before sunrise, she was called by the ancients Phosphorus, Lucifer, or the Morning Star, and when she shone in the evening after sunset, Hesperus, Vesper, or the Evening Star. She presents the same appearances as Mercury. Owing, however, to the greater diameter of her orbit, her apparent oscillations are nearly 48° east and west of the sun,* or about 18° more than those of Mercury. She is therefore...