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The answer; by Dermot O-Nephely
Tim and the fables

242 247

POSTHUMOUS PIECES. Ode to the Hon, Sir William Temple

249 Swift's letter to the Athenian society

2,6 His ode to the same

257 Toland's invitation to Dismal

267 * A dialogue between a lawyer and Dr. Swift 270 The beasts confeffion to the priest

272 On Dan Jackfon's picture cut in paper

280 Another

281 Another

ib. On the foregoing picture

282 Dan Jackson's answer

283 Answer to Dan Jackfon, by Mr.Geo. Rochfort 284 Answer by Dr. Delany

287 Answer by Dr. Sheridan

288 Dan Jackson's reply

289 Another reply by the Dean in Dan Jackson's

291 Sheridan's fubmiflion

292 Tom Mullinix and Dick

293 Dick, a maggot

295 Clad all in brown

ib. Dick's variety

296 Part of Horace, ode 9. book 4. addressed to Dr. King

298 Verses made for women who cry apples, &c. 299 To love

301 * Verses written upon a very old glass

302 Answered extempore by Dr. Swift

ib. * Verses cut upon a pane of glass in the Dean's parlour

303 On another window

ib. I pitaph on Frederick Duke of Schomberg

304 A ballad on the game of traffic

305 Verses said to be written on the Union



* Will.

308 309 310

Will Wood's petition to the people of Ire

An epigram on Wood's brass money
On the Duke of Chandos
An epigram on scolding

i Catullus de Lesbia

ib. In English

311 On Mr. Jason Haffard's defiring a motto to his fign

ib. The author's manner of living

ib. To a lady

312 The discovery

320 The problem

322 A love-poem from a physician to his mi. stress

324 On a printer's being sent to Newgate, by — 325 On the little house by the church-yard of Caftlenock

ib. Upon stealing a crown when the Dean was

asleep The Dean's answer

ib. * An epitaph on Dr. Swift's dog

329 Riddles

330---338 To Dr. Sheridan * A rebus written by a lady on the Reverend Dean Swift

340 The answer

ib. Written by the Reverend Dr. Swift on his own deafness

341 In English

ib. A letter to Dr. Helsham

340 To Dr. Sheridan

343 A letter to Dr. Hellham

344 Probatur aliter

346 Tom's Metamorphosis into a poet and spaniel

347 * Mrs. Pilkington to Dr. Swift, on his birthday

349 A love-song

ib. An



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To Dr. DELAN Y, on the Libels written

against him.

-Tanti tibi non fit opaci
Omnis arena Tagi.

Written in the year 1729.



S fome raw youth in country bred,

To arms by thirst of honour led,
When at a skirmish first he hears
The bullets whistling round his ears,
Will duck his head aside, will start,
And feel a trembling at his heart;
Till ’scaping oft without a wound
Leffens the terror of the found;
Fly bullets now as thick as hops,
He runs into a cannon's chops :
An author thus who pants for fame,
Begins the world with fear and shame :


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