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1762; although they postponed that impbrtant Cha»z measure until the insults of the Spanilh court ( had become so notorious, that even Lord Bute consessed they could be no longer concealed.

Thus came by constraint, and without dignity, and what is worse than, both, above three months after the opportunity had elapsed, that declaration of war, sneaking, and as it were, by stealth; which Mr. Pitt would have issued with eclat, in the month of August last, and illumined with the splendour of his victories before the end of the year.

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Epitome THE Hanoverians and Hessians were sent home, aud of Mr. a well-regulated militia established; by which the enemy •■a ^aw l^at we were so sar from wanting foreign troops to protect us, that we could assord to send the national troops abroad.

The foundations were laid of the subsequent conquests. Fleets and armies were sent to Asia, Africa, and America.


Shipping destroyed at St. Malo.

Bason and shipping destroyed at Cherburg.

Emden recovered from the French.

Senegal taken.

Louisbourg, and the Isles of Cape Breton and St. John's taken.

Fort Frontenac taken.

Fort Du Quesne taken.

Fort and island of Goree taken.

Mussulipatarrr taken.

D'Ache's fleet deseated,

French army deseated at Crevelt.

French fleet under Du Quesne, taken by Admiral O/borne.

French fleet, drove ashore at Rochefort, by Sir Ed

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Guad-alots'p-, Marie Galante, Desirade, &c. taken.

Siege of iVladras raised.

Surat taken.

Niagara taken.

Shipping destroyed at Havre.



French fleet, under De la Clue, taken by Admiral Bos.

liconderoga taken. w^^-*

Crown Point taken. 17614

Quebec taken.
Complete deseat of the French fleet in Quiberon Bayrf
French army deseated at Minden.



Thurot killed, and his three frigates taken.
French army deseated at Warburgh.
Montreal taken, and all Canada.
Frigates, stages! and stores, destroyed in Chaleur Bay.
Dumet taken,
onunique taken.


Pondicherry taken, and all the French power in Indiai destroyed.

Belleisle taken.

French army deseated at Fellihghausen.


Martinico taken, and with it the islands of Grenada1 St. Lucia, and St. Vincent. And

The Havannah taken; though aster Mr. Pitt's resignation, yet in consequence of his plans.

To these conquests must be added, the annihilation of the French marine, commerce and credit: The loss to) France of the following ships of war, which composed ftine-tenths of her royal navy.

French King's Jaipt taken or dejlroyed.

Forty-four of the line, viz,—Four of 84; eleven of 74; two of 70; seventeen of 64; two of 60; two of, 56; one of 54; and sive of 50.

Sixty-dne frigates, viz.—Four of 44; two o*f 40; eighteen of 36; two of 34; sifteen of 32; one of 30; one of 28; two of 26; eight of 24; two of 22; six of 20.

Twenty-six sloops of war, viz.—One of 18; nine of 16; six of 14; two of 12; one of 10; seven of 8.

Besides the advantages derived from all these conquests

and captures,Mr. P/«leftthelatethirteenBritishcolonies in

Q^2 North Chap. North America in persect security., arid happiness; **& C H A P. XXL

XX. ry inhabitant there glowing with 'the warmest afsection

^*-*,-<s to the parent country. At home, all was animation and

1761. industry. Riches and glory flowed in from every quar

"Gods! what a golden scene was this,
"Of public same, of private bliss! '+"

f Ode by H. Seymour, Esq. late M. P. for Evesham.

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Situation of Great BritainFarther particulars con* cerning Mr. Pitt's resignation—and the Princesses of BrunswickUnion of Lord Bute with Lord Bath and Mr. FoxMr. Grenville wishes to be made SpeakerMr. Pitt desires all the papers relative to Spain to be laid before ParliamentHe

supports the motion of a supply for Portugal.

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1HE situation of Great Britain at the end of cHAP* Mr. Pitt's administration, might not be impro- XXI. perly compared to that of Rome at the end of ^~^"mJ the common-wealth. The Roman empire extended from Britain to Media; and the British Situation dominions included North America, ani a great t.^ part of the Mogul empire, with many islands aid colonies in Europe, America, Africa, and Asia. Both ernpires at these periods were in their zenith; and from these periods both empires declined in virtue, and diminished in extent.———The principal differences hitherto have been, that the servility of the British senate his exceeded that of the Roman; and the diminution of the British empire has been more rapid.

We have seen the end of this great man's brilliancy, as a minister. We are now to view him in the character of a single member of the legislature;

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