Bubbles from the Brunnens of Nassau

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J. Murray, 1835 - 381 страници
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Страница 80 - I could not help feeling how little we appreciate the delicacy of several of their senses, and the extreme acuteness of their instinct. There exists perhaps in creation no animal which has less justice and more injustice done to him by man than the pig. Gifted...
Страница 282 - ... particles in the recipe would be exhausted ; in 'short, to speak metaphorically, that the chickens would at last be boiled to rags, or that the fire would go out for want of coals ; but the oftener one reflects on these sort of subjects, the oftener is the old-fashioned observation forced upon the mind, that let a man go where he will, Omnipotence is never from his view.
Страница 39 - But the whole equipment is so unsightly — the rope harness is so rude — the horses without blinkers look so wild — there is so much bluster and noise in the...
Страница 73 - That these are the main causes of almost every one's illness, there can be no greater proof, than that those savage nations which live actively and temperately have only one great disorder — death. The human frame was not created imperfect — it is we ourselves who have made it so ; there exists no donkey in creation so overladen as our stomachs...
Страница 21 - Ems ; if he wishes to instil iron into his system, and to brace up his muscles, let him go to LangenSchwalbach ; if his brain should require calming, his nerves soothing, and his skin softening, let him glide onwards to Schlangenbad— the serpent's bath ; but if he should be rheumatic in his limbs, or if mercury should be running riot in his system, let him hasten, ' body and bones,' to Wiesbaden, where, they say, by being parboiled in the Kochbrunnen, (boiling spring,) all his troubles will evaporate.
Страница 176 - Ovid," where he is made to study everything which human ingenuity could invent to sully, degrade, and ruin the mind of a young person. The Almighty Creator of the Universe is caricatured by a set of grotesque personages termed gods and goddesses, so grossly sensual, so inordinately licentious, that were they to-day to appear in London, before sunset they would probably be every one of them where they ought to be — at the tread-mill. The poor boy, however, must pore over all their amours, natural...
Страница 116 - Now strike the golden lyre again; A louder yet, and yet a louder strain. Break his bands of sleep asunder, And rouse him, like a rattling peal of thunder. Hark, hark, the horrid sound Has raised up his head; As awaked from the dead, And amazed, he stares around. Revenge, revenge!
Страница 113 - ... behind their horns; a little leather pillow is then laid upon their brow, over which passes a strap that firmly lashes their heads to the beam, and it is, therefore, against such soft cushions that the animals push to advance: and thus linked together for life, by this sort of Siamese band, it is curious to observe them eating together, then by agreement raising their heads to swallow, then again standing motionless chewing the cud, which is seen passing and repassing from the stomach to the...
Страница 289 - For more than half an hour I had been indolently watching this amphibious scene, when the landlord entering my room said; that the Russian Prince G n wished to speak to me on some business; and the information was scarcely communicated, when I perceived his Highness standing at the threshold of my door. With the attention due to his rank, I instantly begged he would do me the honour to walk in; and, after we had sufficiently bowed to each other, and...
Страница 202 - ... any one should doubt that Germans are better horsemasters than we are, I beg to remind them of what is perfectly well known to the British army — namely, that in the Peninsular war the cavalry horses of the German legion were absolutely fat, while those of our regiments were skin and bone.