Annual of the Universal Medical Sciences and Analytical Index: A Yearly Report of the Progress of the General Sanitary Sciences Throughout the World. [1888-1896.] ...

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F.A. Davis Company, 1895

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Страница 9 - As nitrous oxide in its extensive operation appears capable of destroying physical pain, it may probably be used with advantage during surgical operations in which no great effusion of blood takes place...
Страница 2 - Halsted's method of practice is based on the proposition that the pectoralis major muscle, entire or all except its clavicular portion, should be excised in every case of cancer of the breast, because the operator is enabled thereby to remove in one piece all of the suspected tissues.
Страница 4 - This fascia is cut away close to the ribs and serratus magnus muscle. . 14. When we have reached the junction of the posterior and lateral walls of the axilla, or a little sooner, an assistant takes hold of the triangular flap of skin and draws it outward to assist in spreading out the tissues which lie on the subscapularis, teres major and latissimus dorsi muscles. The operator, having taken a different hold of the tumor, cleans from within outward the posterior wall of the axilla.
Страница 23 - A case of lobsterclaw deformity of the feet and partial suppression of the fingers, with remarkable hereditary history. Lancet, Lond.
Страница 23 - If the case progresses favorably all these elements gradually diminish and finally disappear as resolution takes place. The discharge customarily wholly disappears before a cure in the vesicles is attained. 8. In tubercular cases the tenderness in connection with the vesicles is not liable to be so great as, and the induration more than, in simple inflammations. In this form of inflammation the parts resent the manipulations, unless, indeed, they be most gentle, and even then it is a question if...
Страница 7 - The following conclusions are then offered: — "1. The curative action of erysipelas upon malignant tumors is an established fact. 2. This action is much more powerful in sarcoma than carcinoma. 3. This action is chiefly due to the toxines of the erysipelas streptococcus, which may be isolated and used with safety. 4. This action is greatly increased by the addition of the toxines of bacillus prodigiosus. 5. The toxines to be of value should come from virulent cultures and should be freshly prepared....
Страница 3 - ... (chiefly veins) under the minor muscle near its insertion must be separated from the muscle with the greatest care. These are imbedded in loose connective tissue which seems to be rich in lymphatics and contains more or less fat. This fat is often infiltrated with cancer. These blood-vessels should be dissected out very clean and immediately ligated close to the axillary vein. The ligation of these very delicate vessels should not be postponed, for the clamps occluding them might of their own...
Страница 3 - ... and at a point a little below its middle. " 9. The tissue, more or less rich in lymphatics and often cancerous, over the minor muscle near its coracoid insertion is divided as far out as possible, and then reflected inward in order to liberate or prepare for the reflection upward of this part of the minor muscle.
Страница 1 - The pentagon (ACBRPN) corresponds to the temporo-sphenoidal lobe, with the exception of its apex, which is a little in front of N. MDCA corresponds to the Rolandic area containing the fissure of Rolando, the ascending frontal and the ascending parietal F10.
Страница 6 - ... roots of a cancer are thus destroyed. There seems to be some just foundation for this belief in regard to applications of arsenic, but the destructive effect of caustic potash in the form of Vienna paste extends to every vital structure with which it comes in contact, and the same holds in reference to the plaster of sulphuric acid and charcoal as an escharotic.