The Political state of Great Britain, Том 15

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Страница 514 - Any officer or soldier who shall begin, excite, cause, or join in any mutiny or sedition in...
Страница 354 - ... hanged by the neck, and being alive, shall be cut down, and your privy-members shall be cut off, your entrails shall be taken out of your body, and you living, the same to be burnt before your eyes...
Страница 180 - Hereupon it was ordered, That leave be given to bring in a Bill to enable his Majefty to be Governor of the South Sea Company...
Страница 215 - Establishment, in Time of Peace ; a Number far greater (in Proportion to that of the Soldiers commanded by them) than hath ever yet been thought requisite in Times of actual War.
Страница 517 - States shall (besides such penalties as they are liable to by law), be punished according to the nature and degree of the offence, by the judgment of a regimental or general court-martial.
Страница 182 - King went to the Houfe of Peers, with the ufual State and Solemnity, and the Commons being fent for up, and attending, his Majefty gave the Royal Affent to the two following publick Bills, viz..
Страница 346 - Whig ; that you abscond ; and that this be communicated to none. But, be the event as it will, I can expect nothing less than a most cruel death ; which, that I may the better support, it will be requisite that, from my arrival till the attempt, I every day receive the Holy Sacrament from one who shall be ignorant of the design. '•JAMES SHEPHERD.
Страница 192 - That it be an inftruftion to the faid Committee, that they have power to receive a claufe...
Страница 101 - Indies; thirdly, the clandestine trade that had lately been carried on of exporting silver and importing gold to and from Holland, Germany, and other countries. In...
Страница 331 - An act for the further preventing robbery, burglary, and other felonies, and for the more effectual transportation of felons and unlawful exporters of wool, and for declaring the law upon some points relating to pirates...