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THIS edition of Mr. Thomson's works

was designed by him, and must be considered by the reader, as a colleЕtion of such of his works as he thought worth preserving, corrested and amended. If therefore any detached

poems of his have appeared in other colle&tions, or are to be found in manuscript in private hands, they are such as his judgment rejezted; and the publication of them in any future edition of his works, or otherwise, would be contrary to his will, and prejudicial to his memory.

It is hoped, that all his writings will appear much more advantageously in their present form, than they did in their first publication.

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A Poem facred to the Memory of Sir

Antient and Modern Italy compared:

Being the first Part of LIBERTY, a




Greece: Being the second part of
Liberty, a Poem.

51 BRITAIN : Being the third Part of

Liberty, a Poem.
A Poem to the Memory of the Rt.
Hon. the Lord Talbot, late Chan-
cellor of Great Britain.

115 The Castle of INDOLENCE: An Al

legorical Poem. In two Canto's.
The First.

139 The Second.

177 VERSES occasioned by the Death of

Mr. AIKMAN, a particular friend of
the Author's.

219 ODE.

- 220 EPITAPH on Miss STANLEY.

22 1 To the Rev, Mr. MURDOCH, Rector

of Straddishal, in Suffolk. A PARAPHRASE on the latter part of

the sixth Chapter of St. Matthew. 224 Song. One Day the God of fond Desire.

226 SONG.


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