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If you please to send me word of what you hear, I will be laughed at again in my opinion touching the same, and be bold to write you my further suspicion. Your cousin, the doting deputy, hath dispeopled me, of which I have written to your father already. It is a sign how my disgraces have past the seas, and have been highly commended to that wise governor, who hath used me accordingly. So I live to trouble you at this time, being become like a fish cast on dry land, gasping for breath with lame legs and lamer lungs. Yours, for the little while I shall desire to do you service,

WALTER RALEGH. To my very loving friend, Sir

Robert Cecil, knight of her majesty's most honourable privy-council.

To Sir Robert Cecil, March 10, 1592. Sir, I RECEIVED your letters this present day at Chatham, concerning the wages of the mariners and others. For mine own part, I am very willing to enter bond, as you persuaded me, so as the privy seal be first sent for my enjoying the third; but I pray consider that I have laid all that I am worth, and must do, ere I depart on this voyage. If it fall not out well, I can but lose all; and if nothing be remaining, wherewith should I pay the wages ? Besides, her majesty told me herself that she was contented to pay her part, and my lord admiral his, and I should but discharge for mine own ships. And further, I have promised her majesty, that if I can persuade the companies to follow sir Martin Furbresher, I will without fail return and bring them out into the sea but some fifty or threescore leagues, for which purpose my lord admiral hath lent me the Disdain ; which to do her majesty many times, with great grace, bade me remember, and sent me the same message by Will. Killegrewe, which, God willing, if I can persuade the companies, I mean to perform, though I dare not be acknown thereof to any creature. But, sir, for me then to be

bound for so great a sum, upon the hope of another man's fortune, I will be loath; and besides, if I were able, I see no privy seal for my thirds. I mean not to come away, as they say I will, for fear of a marriage, and I know not what. If any such thing were, I would have imparted it unto yourself before any man living; and therefore I pray believe it not, and I beseech you to suppress what you can any such malicious report. For I protest before God, there is none on the face of the earth that I would be fastened unto. And so in haste I take my leave of your honour, from Chatham the 10th of March. Your's ever to be commanded,


To Sir Robert Cecil, May 10, 1593.. Sir, I am very sorry for Mr. Wilkinson and the rest, that I hear are lost in the river of Burdens; but for my part I was resolved of the success beforehand, and so much I told Wilkinson before his departure. Of this Irish combination her majesty shall find it remembered to herself not long since; but the Trojan soothsayer cast his spear against the wooden horse, but not believed. I did also presume to speak somewhat how to prevent this purpose, and I think it not overhard to be yet done; and if I had by any chance been acquainted with the lord Burgh's instructions, I would have put you in mind to have won the earl of Argyle rather than all the rest of Scotland; for by him this fire must be only maintained in Ulstell. But for me to speak of the one or the other, I know my labours are prejudicate, and I cannot hereafter deserve either thanks or acceptance. Less than that number of men appointed, I take it, will serve the turn, if the garrisons be placed aright to impeach the assemblies, and some small pinnaces ordered to lie between Cautirr's and O'donell's country; but herein the order of the time hath most power. There be also others in Ireland that lie in wait, not suspected, which I most fear, and others most able and fit to make them neglected and discouraged; which small matters would have hardened to great purpose, as the time will better witness. I had been able myself to have raised two or three bands of English well armed, till I was driven to relinquish and recall my people, of which the loss shall not be alone to me, howsoever I am tumbled down the hill by every practice. We are so busied and dandled in these French wars, which are endless, as we forget the defence next the heart. Her majesty hath good cause to remember that a million hath been spent in Ireland not many years since. A better kingdom might have been purchased at a less price, and that same defended with as many pence, if good order had been taken. But the question now may be, whether for so great expense the estate be not less assured than ever? If her majesty consider it aright, she shall find it no small dishonour to be vexed with so beggarly a nation, that have neither arms nor fortification; but that accursed kingdom hath always been but as a traffick, for which her majesty hath paid both freight and custom, and others received the merchandise; and other than such shall it never be. The king of Spain seeketh not Ireland for Ireland, but having raised up troops of beggars in our back, shall be able to enforce us to cast our eyes over our shoulders, while those before us strike us on the brains. We have also known the level of his subversion; but destiny is stronger than council, and good advice, either neglected or weakly executed, hath taught our enemies to arm those parts, which before lay bare to the sword. Prevention is the daughter of intelligence, which cannot be born without a mother; and the good woman bath so many patrons, as the one referreth her cherishing to another's trust, and in the meanwhile she liveth barren and fruitless. Sir, these poor countries yield no news. I hear of a frigate that taketh up fishermen for pilots in the west. I am myself here at Sherborne, in my fortune's fold. Wherever I be, and while I am, you shall command me. I think I shall need your further favour for the little park; for law and conscience is not sufficient in these days to uphold me. Every fool knoweth that hatred

are the cinders of affection, and therefore to make me a sacrifice shall be thanksworthy. Sir, I pray remember my duty to my lord admiral, and to your father, if it please you. From Sherborne this 10th day of May, 1593. Yours, most assured to do you service,

WALTER RALEGH. To the Right Honourable Sir

Robert Cecil, knight of her majesty's most honourable privy-council.

I am the worse for the bath, and not the better.

To Queen Elizabeth. I presumed to present your majesty with a paper, containing the dangers which might grow by the Spanish faction in Scotland. How it pleased your majesty to accept thereof I know not. I have since heard that divers ill-disposed have a purpose to speak of succession. If the same be suppressed, I am glad of it; yet, fearing the worst, I set down some reasons to prove the motive merely vain, dangerous, and unnecessary. And because I durst not myself speak in any matter without warrant, I have sent your majesty these arguments, which may perchance put others in mind of somewhat not impertinent; and who, being graced by your majesty's favour, may, if need require, use them among others more worthy. Without glory I speak it, that I durst either by writing or speech satisfy the world in that point, and in every part of their foolish conceits, which, for shortness of time, I could not so amply insert. This being upon one hour's warning, but one hour's work, I humbly beseech your majesty not to acquaint any withal, unless occasion be offered to use them. Your majesty may perchance speak hereof to those seeming my great friends, but I find poor effects of that or any other supposed amity; for your majesty having left me, I am left all alone in the world, and am sorry that ever I was at all. What I have done is out of zeal and love, and not by any encouragement; for I am only forgotten in all rights, and in all affairs; and mine enemies have their wills and desires over me.

There are many other things concerning your majesty's present service, which methinks are not, as they ought, remembered ; and the times pass away unmeasured, of which more profit might be taken. But I fear I have already presumed too much, which love stronger than reason hath encouraged; for my errors are eternal, and those of others mortal, and my labours thankless, I mean unacceptable, for that too belongeth not to vassals. If your majesty pardon it, it is more than too great a reward. And so most humbly embracing and admiring the memory of the celestial beauties, (which with the people is denied me to view,) I pray God your majesty may be eternal in joys and happiness. Your majesty's most humble slave,

WALTER RALEGH. For the Queen's most excellent


To the Lord Keeper of the Great Seal. MY VERY GOOD LORD, THERE hath been a subpæna granted out of the starchamber for the appearance of one Thomas Whitford and William Dobb, before your lordship and the rest of her majesty's most honourable privy-council, for verifying their knowledge in a stannary cause, as witnesses in an action upon the case between one Denshire and Stevens. The trial and penalty of the offence (if any shall be proved) is to be censured in her majesty's absolute jurisdiction of the stannary; and her majesty hath been pleased of late, upon complaint by me made unto her, to signify to my honourable good lord the lord treasurer, that the stannary authority shall consist and continue according to the ancient custom and prerogative, and not to be contradicted by private censure; and that all abuses upon my information shall be presently reformed. I think your lordship is not thoroughly ac

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