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But, while our bursting hearts deplore his flight,
Perfidious Bourbon ghastly grins his joy;
The Gallic cock now feebly claps his wings,
And thinks to hear the lion roar no more.
Base, treacherous, cringing, dastard slaves, beware;
Although our sun be set to rise no more,
The moon and stars shall guide the lion's paw
To seize thee trembling in thy close retreat.
Already mark! he shakes his shaggy mane,
And growling rises from his murky den;
His eye-balls roll with rage-they shoot forth flames;
He grinds his teeth, and finds them solid still;

He tries his paws, and finds his talons strong.

Our groans have rous'd him; see, he sleeps no more,
But still the royal issue of this isle,

This highly favored regent of the main,
Secure may stand, nor fear the lion's rage.

What though the DEMONS of THIS LAND may strive
To set the gen'rous lion on her sons,
The lion shrinks-so ancient bards declare-

Nor will destroy the issue nobly born.

But those perfidious, who would set him on,
With ghastly looks, and souls appall'd by fear,
Too late shall feel the horrors of despair.'

But it is the RELIGIONIST We are solicitous to characterize; and although the sentiments of the preacher may be gathered from his writings, yet, as this volume may come under the eye of some individuals, who may not possess the publication to which we have so often alluded, it may be proper, in this place to attempt a brief outline of the most prominent features in his creed.

His full soul believed in one GREAT AND INDIVISIBLE FIRST CAUSE or origin of all created beings; before this great First Cause one ETERNAL NOW, WAS, IS, AND WILL BE EVER PRESENT. Every thing which has past, is passing, or shall pass, was ordained in His eternal purpose, and actually passed in review before Him, ere ever the worlds were formed, or countless systems commenced their revolutions.

The God of our Philanthropist was OMNIPOTENT, OMNIPRESENT, and OMNISCIENT; consequently he performed all his will; was, is, and will be, present through all space, through time and through eternity. In the prosecution of His plans, myriads of angels, in their various orders, were by his omnipotent power commanded into being; these cherubim and seraphim, angels and archangels, surrounded the throne of the Most High. The morning stars sang together, and all the hosts of heaven rejoiced.

But, strange as it may appear to our finite understanding, fell discord, with peace-destroying influence, reared his hydra, his tremendous head. Various conjectures hover round this phenomenon. The origin of evil has exercised intellects the most profound and

erudite; but he, who can develop the arcana of the Almighty, may claim equality with his God. It should be our care not to attribute to Deity a mode of conduct irreconcileable with rectitude; and to keep close to that revelation, which he hath graciously vouchsafed to bestow upon us.

The creation of man succeeded the fall of the angelic nature. God said,-Let Us make man, &c. &c. Speaking in the plural, with an eye to the complexity of that character He had predetermined to assume, and, as we before observed, past, present, and future, constituted, the token of Deity, one complete whole; and thus were important occurrences garbed in language, suited to the elevation of the Godhead. In process of time, this august Creator, was to be enrobed in humanity and become the son born; was to be exhibited as a HOLY SPIRIT of consolation, taking of the things of Jesus, and exhibiting them to the mind; thus speaking peace. Mr. Murray was at the same time a UNITARIAN, and a TRINITARIAN, beholding, constantly beholding the trinity in the unity. LET us inake man in our image, after our own likeness,-Yea, verily, man may be considered as made in the image, and after the likeness of his Creator. The figure is striking; man is a triune being, body, soul, and spirit, yet no individual is considered as three, but one man, the TRINITY and UNITY. The Almighty, clad in garments of flesh, became the GOD-MAN, and, speaking of Himself as man, he says, my Father is greater than me; while, reverting to the divinity he affirms, the Father and He are ONE. Philip, have I been so long with thee, and dost thou say, show me the Father? he who hath seen me, hath seen the Father. Was this true,-or was Jesus Christ an impostor? In this view the scriptures are beautifully consistent. I am GOD THE SAVIOUR; a just God and a Saviour; THERE IS NONE BESIDE ME. This same evangelical prophet exultingly exclaims, Isaiah ix. 6; Unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given, his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, the mighty God, the everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace. Such were the comprehensive views of Deity, which became more and more luminous to the mental eye of the preacher.

He believed that the creation of human beings made a part of the divine purpose; in which sacred, uncontrollable, and irreversible purpose, the WHOLE FAMILY OF MAN were originally and intimately united to their august Creator, in a manner MYSTERIOUS, and as much beyond our limited conception, as the Creator is superior to the creature whom He hath formed.


Adam the first was a figure of Adam the second. Adam the first, the prototype; Adam the second, the substance of the prototype, the Creator of all Worlds, the Lord from heaven. The sacred scriptures abound with figures of this mysterious, this ennobling, this soul-satisfying UNION; among which, perhaps, none is more expressive than that of the Head and Members constituting one body, of which Jesus Christ was the immaculate Head. Hence the propriety and necessity, of looking with a single eye to Jesus Christ.


We are members of the body of Christ, who is the head of every man: Should a single member of this mystical body be finally lost, the Redeemer must, through eternity, remain IMPERFECT.

A Law was given, to the complete obedience of which, everlasting life was annexed; but no individual member was ever able to fulfil this Law; it was only the head and members collectively in their glorious head, that was furnished with abilities adequate to a performance of such vast magnitude. Yea, verily, we do indeed break the Divine Law, in thought, in word, and in deed, and the lip of truth declares, he who offends in one point is guilty of all.

Why then was the commandment so exceeding broad? To convince mankind of imbecility; and that the rectitude they had forfeited, could never, in their own individual characters be regained. But the plan of Deity was without an error, the revolution of time ushered in the great Representative, or, more properly speaking, the Head of the body; and the forfeit was paid, full atoneinent was presented, the ransom given, and, in this hour of NATURE'S JUBILEE, the prodigal family restored to their original possessor.

To make this truth manifest was the great business of our promulgator. He was convinced, that only he, who believed, could be saved; and that he, who believed not, was indubitably damned. Hence he has frequently said, he did not believe in universal salvation, because he saw the majority of mankind were not saved. But he was a firm believer in UNIVERSAL REDEMPTION; because that sacred volume, which he steadfastly, and unwaveringly believed to be the word of God, assured him the price was paid, and the whole human family was redeemed.

It was the neglecting to distinguish between salvation and redemption, which so frequently drew upon the preacher the charge of prevarication, or, as it was termed by Mr. Croswell, hiding. An article of intelligence may be an established fact; it may most importantly affect us; but so long as the mind refuses to admit its authenticity, we are undeniably subjected to all those agonizing apprehensions, which we should endure, if no such fact existed; and it was the salvation from these mental sufferings, which Mr. Murray supposed consequent upon a preached Gospel; in other words, an exemption from those tortures, that consciousness of condemnation, which is most emphatically described, when it is said, He who believeth not, is, or shall be damned.

Yet it is an established truth, that every believer was once an unbeliever; every believer, then, was once damned, and it was only when he became a believer, that he was saved from those countless agonies, which erst times pierced him through with many sorrows. But he was redeemed, the price was paid, ere ever he was called into existence. Thus, in this view, redemption and salvation are distinct considerations.

The preacher unhesitatingly believed, all who learned of the Father would come to Jesus, and that all would finally be taught of

God. He was a decided believer in the doctrine of angels of light, and angels of darkness, of ministering spirits of light, and of demons stimulating to deeds of darkness. He looked forward to a judgment to come, when countless numbers, among the children of men, would rise to the resurrection of damnation, and, ignorant of the genuine character of the Redeemer, would call upon the rocks and mountains to fall upon them, and hide them from the WRATH OF THE LAMB; and, believing himself a humble instrument in the hand of God, ordained by Him to the ministry of reconcilation, he was never so completely happy, as when declaring the gospel to be believed; and calling upon men every where, to receive the glad tidings of salvation. He was persuaded that those, who lied down in sorrow, would continue unhappy wanderers, until the opening of that book, in which every human being, every member of Christ was written; yet he had no idea of any purgation for sin, save what was suffered by Christ Jesus, who, by Himself, purged our sins. Writing of Mr. Winchester to a friend, Mr. Murray thus expressed himself: 'Mr Winchester is full with Mr. Law, and of course preaches purgatorial satisfaction. According to these gentlemen, every man must finally be his own Saviour! If 1 must suffer as much, in my own person as will satisfy divine justice, how is, or can Christ Jesus be, my Saviour? If this purgatorial doctrine be true, the ministry of reconciliation, committed to the apostles, must be false; to wit, God was in Christ reconciling the world_unto himself, not imputing unto them their trespasses. In fact, I know no persons further from Christianity, genuine Christianity, than such Universalists."


Mr. Murray supposed the inquietude of unembodied, or departed spirits, a natural effect derived from a cause. As unbelievers, they cannot see the things which belong to their peace; but he greatly rejoiced, that, however, at present enveloped in darkness, there were, and are, things that did and do belong to their peace; that the day cometh, when whatsoever is hid shall be revealed; and, that at the period of the restitution of all things, the word, the oath of Jehovah was pledged, that every eye should see, and every tongue confess. The preacher was persuaded that a few even in the present dispensation, were elected out of the world, to embrace the truth, previous to their passing out of time. These judging themselves, are, therefore, not to be judged; Saints of God, they shall surround the Redeemer at his second coming, or be caught up in the air to meet the GOD-MAN; after which, the whole world shall be summoned at the imperial bar of the Sire of angels and of men, the Creator of all worlds: That a separation will then take place; the Judge, the Redeemer will divide them, as a shepherd divides his sheep from the goats; will separate every individual from that body of sin and death, of which Paul complained, being burdened; from that fallen spirit, which attach

* See Appendix, Note D.

es to every individual in such sort as to the man among the tombs, rendering it a truth, that he who sleepeth, apparently alone upon his bed, is, nevertheless, still connected with his tormentor, and will so continue, until this glorious day of separation and of restitution; when these two shall be separated, one from another, the one taken, the other left. The fallen angels, figured by the. goats, shall be ranged on the left hand, while the harassed human nature, redeemed by the God who created it, shall be found on the right hand of the MOST HIGH. Thus, after the world is judged, out of the things written in the books; after they are found guilty before God, and every mouth is stopped, the BOOK OF LIFE SHALL BE OPENED, IN WHICH ALL THE MEMBERS OF THE REDEEMER, EVERY INDIVIDUAL OF THE HUMAN FAMILY, SHALL BE FOUND WRITTEN; and the ransomed of the Lord shall be declared denizens of that kingdom, where dwelleth felicity uninterrupted.

Such were the leading sentiments of OUR UNIVERSALIST; and he was firmly of opinion that the doctrines of the Gospel, rightly understood, would teach men everywhere to be careful of maintaining good works, to love one another, and in all things to regard the best interests of their BROTHER MAN.

Conversant with the preacher upwards of forty years, we never knew his testimony to vary in the smallest degree. In joy and in sorrow, in health, in sickness, and in death, not a single cloud appeared to gather upon the countenance of his God, or to obstruct, so far as it referred to his prospects beyond the grave, the clear sunshine of his soul.

If we except the Rev. John Tyler, Episcopalian minister in Norwich, Connecticut, and the Rev. Edward Mitchell, in the city of New York, we do not know that the sentiments of any preacher of Universalism now upon this continent are exactly in unison with the departed promulgator. But if they build upon the great foundation, we devoutly wish them God speed; well assured that those who build upon this foundation-gold, silver, precious stones, wood, hay, stubble-every man's work shall be made manifest. For the day shall declare it, because it shall be revealed by fire: and the fire shall try every man's work, of what sort it is. If any man's work abide which he hath built thereupon, he shall receive a reward. If any man's work shall be burnt, he shall suffer loss, but he himself shall be saved; yet · so as by fire.

Mr. Murray's last marriage was the result of a strong and holy friendship, founded upon the Rock of Ages; and, originating in devout admiration of redeeming love, it is fervently hoped, and unwaveringly believed, that this union will be perfected in another


One son and one daughter were the offspring of this marriage. The son surrendered his innocent life in the birth; the daughter still survives, the prop and consolation of her WIDOWED MOTHER.

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