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Thy pow'r, thy love, when uncontrould and free,
Crush'd all their hosts, O man! and ransom'd thee.
But ftay, my mufe, be silent and admire ;
This lofty theme exceeds angelic fire !
Mark what new scene thy rapid glance descrys !
What sudden radiance flashes o'er the skies !
From heav'n's vast heights th’immortal throng descend;
The worlds below in mute fufpenfe attend :
Thro’ all its tracts thy mighty theme purfue,
And paint the scenes that burst , on thy view.
Now, touch'd with grief, the pensive guide survey'dy
Whate'er of grand this awful pomp display'd;
Then rais'd in filent woe his mournful eyes,
And paus’d,- till thus with intermingling sighs :

Say where, vain mortal ! now the pomp of state ? “ The pride of kings, the triumphs of the great ? or Where now the imbattled hoft, the whirling car " Where the proud spoils of defolating war?

Hope's flatt’ring wish, ambition's tow'ring aim? The boast of grandeur, and the wreaths of fame? Where the gay plan by fancy's hand refin'd, • That smil'd illufive on th' enchanted mind? Ah! view'd no more, these beauteous traits decay, " Like stars that fade before the rising day! “ Lefs swift the gale that skims the ruffling stream, “ Nor flies more quick the visionary dream. “ Hail, heav'nly piety, fupremely fair! • Whose smiles can calm the horrors of despair ;


“ Bid in each breast unusual transports flow, And wipe the tears that stain the cheek of woe: " How bleft the man who leaves each meaner scene, “ Like thee, exalted, smiling, and serene ! « Whose rising foul pursues a nobler flight; " Whose bosom melts with more refin'd delight; “ Whose thoughts, elate with transports all sublime, Can foar at once beyond the views of time : “ Till loos’d from earth, as angels unconfin'd, “ He fies aërial on the darting wind; - Free as the keen ey'd eagle, bears away, “ And mounts the regions of eternal day.”


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URN, gentle hermit of the dale

“ And guide my lonely way, « To where yon taper cheers the vale,

“ With hospitable ray. "For here forlorn and lost I tread,

With fainting step and flow; “ Where wilds immeasurably spread, “ Seem lengthening as I go."

« Forbear,

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• Forbear, my son,” the hermit cries,

To tempt the dangerous gloom ; “ For yonder phantom only fies

“ To lure thee to thy doom.


36 Here to the houseless child of want,

My door is open ftill: “ And tho' my portion is but scant,

“ I give it with good will.

“ Then turn to-night, and freely share " Whate'er


cell bestows; My rushy couch and frugal fare,

My blessing and repose.

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“ No flocks that range the valley free,

“ To flaughter I condemn ;
Taught by that power that pities me,
“ I learn to pity them.

« But from the mountain's graffy fide,

“ A guiltless feast I bring ; “ A fcrip with herbs and fruits supply'd,

“ And water from the spring.

w Then, pilgrim, turn, thy cares forego ;

". For earth-born cares are wrong ; “ Man wants but little here below,

“ Nor wants that little long."


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