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She sigh'd ;-and mounting on the glancing ray,
Shot o'er the scene, and fought the climes of day.
Now rouz'd to life th' assembled myriads trod,
No tyrant o'er them shakes th' avenging rod;
'Tis conscience speaks--th', impartial mandate giv'n
Consigns to death, or opes the climes of heav'n ;
Her looks divine the fever'd thought controul,
Her voice like music thrills th' enraptur'd foul.
But fee, where rising, a resplendent throng,
Thy fons, Europa, claim a nobler fong!
Lo! Britain's heroes burst


the fight, Each chief who dar'd th' exulting foe to fight ! View

the wide fields, where fainting armies bled !
See Blenheims, Cressi's, Agincourts display'd!
War, blood, destruction, triumphs, conquests rise,
And kings, and patriots bless th' enraptur'd eyes!
Let Gallia next her num'rous hosts unfold,
The crowds she rais’d by force, or won by gold:
Think you beheld th’ united armies spread,
And all the crowds Turenne, or Conde led ;
By Charles' unguided rage the throng that dy'd;
The millions murder'd for her Bourbon's pride.
Join all at once, or (if thy thoughts can foar
So vaft a height) yet add ten thousand more!
Say when thy soul its last idea brought,
Stretch'd o’er the verge of strong expanded thought ;
When all th' unbounded genius soar’d on high,
Did e’er such numbers strike the wond'ring eye?

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So vaft, they mock the soul's confounded sight :
Ev'n thought falls back in its unequal Alight ;
Not tempting hope the mighty depth can found,
Nor fancy's widening ken can mark the bound.
Yet, mid' the crowd that pour'd o'er all the field,
A crowd which scarce the labouring eye beheld!
Ye monarchs, hear !-this pomp of nations join’d,
These ages, empires, kingdoms, ftates combin'd,
These boasted thousands, millions, myriads,-all,
Shrunk to a point umeasurably small !
Scarce when a group of buzzing flies display
Their forms, that glitter with the glancing ray;
Scarce, less observ’d, mid' all the numbers there,
One flitting wing that feebly fans the air !
Eternal God, whose word fupremely wise
Can crush, or people all th' expanded skies !
Who bid'st creation wait on thy command,
Throw'st worlds like atoms from thy forming hand!
0! for some nobler, more exalted lays,
Some heav'nly strains, to speak thy boundless praise !
All fancy droops on this traníporting scene !
All rapture dull! all elegance is mean!
All thought too faint ! all colours cease to glow!
All fire too languid! all sublime too low!
O thou, whose name all nature joins to raise !
What seraph's voice can tell thy wondrous ways !
Who show'd (how god-like was th' amazing plan!)
Thy pow'r on angels, but thy love to man !


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Thy pow'r, thy love, when uncontroul'd and free,
Crush'd all their hosts, o man ! and ransom'd thee.
But ftay, my mufe, be silent and admire ;
This lofty theme exceeds angelic fire !
Mark what new scene thy rapid glance descrys!
What sudden radiance flashes o’er the skies !
From heav'n's valt heights th’immortal throng defcend;
The worlds below in mute fufpenfe attend :
Thro' all its tracts thy mighty theme purfue,
And paint the scenes that burst is on thy view.
Now, touch'd with grief, the pensive guide survey'd,
Whate'er of grand this awful pomp display'd;
Then rais'd in silent woe his mournful eyes,
And paus'd,- till thus with intermingling sighs :

Say where, vain mortal! now the pomp of state ? “ The pride of kings, the triumphs of the great ? ar Where now the imbattled hoft, the whirling car " Where the proud spoils of defolating war? "Hope's fatt'ring wish, ambition's tow'ring aim? " The boast of grandeur, and the wreaths of fame? Where the gay plan by fancy's hand refin’d, That smil'd illufive on th' enchanted mind? “ Ah! view'd no more, these beauteous traits decay, « Like stars that fade before the rising day! “ Lefs swift the gale that skims the ruffling stream, “ Nor Alies more quick the visionary dream. “ Hail, heav'nly piety, fupremely fair! " Whose smiles can calm the horrors of despair;

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“ Bid in each breast unusual transports flow, And wipe the tears that stain the cheek of woe : « How bleft the man who leaves each meaner scene, Like thee, exalted, smiling, and serene ! “ Whose rising foul pursues a nobler flight; " Whose bofom melts with more refin’d delight; Whose thoughts, elate with transports all fublime, Can foar at once beyond the views of time : “ Till loos’d from earth, as angels unconfin’d, “ He fies aërial on the darting wind; • Free as the keen ey'd eagle, bears away, “ And mounts the regions of eternal day.”

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