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will easily and frequently fall away from his intentions, and never arrive at any remarkable degree of piety; and therefore the Curate to the cushould admonish him when recovering, that rate should he should determinately purpose to pass what to pursue. remains of life according to the following or some similar method; namely, that the first thing every morning he give God thanks that he has escaped the perils of the past night and reached in safety the present day; that he supplicate God to be his protection against all evils that may assault his soul or body; that he piously and seriously renew the vows upon which he had at any time entered; that he earnestly consider what things on that day are able to promote or vanquish virtue, and that he resolve to indulge in the former, but to his utmost to avoid the latter; that on every work-day he betake himself in earnest to the labours of his calling, and carefully avoid those vices into which other men of like calling are apt to fall; that he be frequent in prayer, and if through innumerable avocations he cannot find leisure for his accustomed de

votions, that he very frequently have recourse to ejaculatory prayers; that he exercise himself to his utmost means in works of justice and mercy; that when he approaches tables sumptuously spread, he always restrain himself within the just bounds of temperance; that he study to repress all wicked devices; that he cautiously watch over his thoughts, lest they unlawfully wander, or stubbornly delight to muse on things forbidden ; that he close every day by accurately calling to mind in what things he has done well or otherwise ; that for the former he return thanks to God, and for the latter earnestly seek His forgiveness; and lastly, that he implore the Divine protection against the evils which threaten him by night; that in every week, upon some stated day, (if his worldly business will permit him,) he dedicate and devote himself to fasting, prayer, meditation, and an examination of his life; that on that day at least he bestow care on his soul, and carefully bring his past life to a strict and impartial account ; that he note well his grievous falls and the occasions thereof, and commit them to writing, lest they should escape from his memory; that upon every Lord's day he resort to his parish church, and with becoming devotion be present at the sacred rites which are there performed; that returning from the public assembly of the faithful, he avoid those diversions of mind which may be either detrimental to piety or the occasion of offence to others; next, that he be engaged throughout that day in prayer, in sacred reading, in pious meditations, in useful conversation, in instructing his children and domestics, and in such description of employments only; that on other holy days of the Church he accommodate himself as far as he is able to the pious appointments of the governors of the Church, and, unnecessary occupations being laid aside till another time, that he publicly and privately celebrate the praise of God for the benefits especially renewed with respect to that particular season; and that he imitate the virtues of those in memory of whom the Church celebrates the holy day; that on days of public


fasting and humiliation he forego somewhat of his accustomed recreations, acknowledge his own vileness, and most humbly deprecate those evils which sin has rendered due either to himself or the nation; and lastly, that in these and all other days of his life, he be mindful to meditate on death and judgment, heaven and hell.

Rules to be comprehended under the Seventh


Those some times to be


It not unfrequently happens that the Curate visited who is called in to those who, by reason of their

tender age, have neither led corrupt lives, nor are capable of understanding spiritual counsel ; and notwithstanding all the pains which the Curate undertakes for such sick persons may appear fruitless and wholly unnecessary, yet being called for, he ought to visit them, lest he should displease those seeking his assistance, and be reported to have neglected his duty

through sloth. And although in visiting one to do when who as yet is scarcely old enough to speak,

What the
Curate ought


nothing further is incumbent than devoutly to visiting little offer up the prayers appointed by the Church for such a case, yet he may add other short prayers piously and prudently suited to the condition of the sick child and to the circumstances of its parents : he should also study to console the latter, and exhort them to bear with calm resignation the death of their little child, if it should be so divinely ordered, by saying, for example, that they may be assured of its eternal safety, if, whilst it continues innocent, it should depart this life; that it ought to be accounted a matter of the greatest comfort, if any one capable and certain of future blessedness, should by Divine favour be removed from the cares and manifold perils which trouble the body and soul, and threaten its destruction ; that it is most right they should surrender, and that not grudgingly, the infant which they have received as a loan ; that by resisting they will most assuredly increase their own wretchedness, and provoke God to inflict on them heavier sorrows, whereas they may conciliate the Divine favour for themselves, and

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