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It must be a lively faith and active; it must work in you

such an obedience to God's commands as Christ has enjoined in the Gospel.

Faith is necessary to salvation, because the hope of sinners is entirely founded on the mercy of God through Christ, who sealed to us this mercy by his death.

(3.) Have you a thankful remembrance of Christ's death?

“Ye are bought with a price; therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God's." 1 Cor. vi. 20.

You must be thankful, because the blessings promised in the covenant of grace are so valuable, so necessary, and so freely given.

You should remember with gratitude and joy the death of Christ, as the means of procuring these blessings.

(4.) Are you in charity with all men ?

“ If God so loved us, we ought also to love one another.” 1 John iv. 11.

You must be in charity with all men; that is, love all men; forgive those who have offended you ; ask forgiveness of those whom you have offended; and make restitution to any you have wronged. If you

harbour malice and resentment in your heart, you are not in a fit state either to live or die.

The Sacrament, remember, is given to you on a supposition, that your faith and repentance are sincere; and if this condition fail in you, the action of giving it to you, though by the most exemplary Minister, and in the most solemn manner,

will never

save you.

A Help for conversing on the design of the Sacrament, and the preparation for receiving it; from the same.

As you desire to receive the Sacrament, I would beg you seriously to consider what follows.

Receiving the Sacrament can be of no real service, unless it be attended with

A lively faith in Christ. Heb. xi. 6.

An unfeigned repentance for all your sins. Luke xiii. 3.

And sincere purposes of renewed obedience. Heb. v. 9. Particularly a renewal of the baptismal and sacramental covenant.

As these are the indispensable terms required of all who receive the Sacrament, they ought to be seriously considered.


The design of this Ordinance.

Of what? Christ's sufferings in As remem

character, brance

in soul,

in body, for our sakes.

Of what? Blessings purchased, As a seal or con

pardon of sins, firmation

gift of the Holy Spirit,

eternal life. Of what? Being fellow members

of Christ's body.

children ofone Father, As a mark or

redeemed by one Sabadge

viour, heirs of one and the

same glory.

The preparation for this Ordinance.

Are you grieved for having for

gotten Christ? As remem- Are you determined to recollect brance

and remember him more stantly and affectionately for the future?



As a seal or con


Do you know what are the blessings

to be sealed to you? Are

you sensible of your want of them? Do you hunger and thirst after

them? Do you love all sincere Christians

of every rank and party, because they are dear to Christ, and re

deemed by his love? Are you willing to forgive all who

have offended or injured you, because God, for Christ's sake,

is willing to forgive you? If any remainder of resentment,

or ill-will, or envy, still lurks in your heart, are these your burden and misery, what you lament, strive against, and from which you long to be delivered? -For it is by this mark, (or love to one another, “that all men shall know that

ye are my disciples." John xii. 35.

As a mark or


Examine yourself by these questions, as in the presence of God; and when you can answer them in the affirmative, your heart (treacherous as it is) will not, I hope, deceive you; you will then be properly prepared for this ordinance. For such as you, Christ purchased all these blessings,—to such as you the Gospel promises them,—and to you they will be confirmed and sealed in this ordinance.

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