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commit himself,) that you should, if you have at any time committed offences of this description, by confessing them to me or to any one else, indiscreetly place yourself in danger: I recommend you, however, with respect to these or any other offences, from making the just and proper discovery of which you may be deterred by unworthy shame or wicked fear, that you through a third party intimate these your offences to some discreet person having the cure of souls, and diligently inquire of him what should be done by any one guilty of such things, in order that he may attain salvation; you may also, through an epistle, your name being concealed, and therefore without fear of the brand of infamy, or public disgrace, propose to any one to consider the condition of your soul, and inquire what wholesome counsel he would give; or if the inquiry must be conducted by word of mouth, because, from bodily weakness, or your lack of knowledge in the art of writing, you are unable to commit to paper the things which you wish to be made known, then in that

case you may so cautiously express yourself that the Curate cannot determine for certain from your words whether you have ever perpetrated those crimes; namely, by telling him that you are most intimately acquainted with a man whom you know or suspect has committed either this or that offence; and that since you wish him all happiness, you will, so long as you live, take the utmost care that he perform in consequence whatever he ought, and to this end, that you wish to learn what counsel he would give to any one who has committed such things: by this way it is possible you may excite some suspicion in the mind of the person whom you consult, but he will not be able, even though he should wickedly desire, to lay to your charge the crimes of which you have been speaking, since he cannot be either a witness of your actions, or make them public to your disgrace and punishment; for he would expose himself, and deservedly so, to universal ridicule, and brand himself with the infamy due to so much indiscretion and perfidy, if, having put an un

charitable construction upon the words of the person consulting him, he should, acting only on vague suspicion, endeavour to criminate him in any manner, or under any circumstances.

Two general forms of addressing the sick, drawn up by the Rev. Benedict Scroggs. D. D., and found amongst his manuscripts after his untimely death.

"Know thou, my Brother, how essential it is for penitents at all times, but especially when at the point of death, to recal as far as is possible every sin to mind, and to confess the same before God: for as no one entirely sins, so with respect to sins, no one entirely repents of them; and vain is it for you to hope that you can by one impulse of grief overthrow their whole weight; moreover, whoever is placed as a defendant in law is accused with respect to certain particulars, nor can any action be commenced without some stated charge; erect therefore for yourself a judg

ment seat in your conscience, and to your utmost power earnestly and strictly urge your accusation against yourself; forbearance in this matter is injurious and unkind; and if you judge yourself after the manner I advise, you will not, for the Scriptures promise, be judged of God. But in order that you may better perform a work of so great moment, it is necessary that you use some method by which you may so refresh your memory, that no crimes, at least none of a weighty description, be hidden from you; easy is it for you, notwithstanding you are sick, to recal to memory the Ten Commandments of universal obligation, and to run over in your mind the things which they expressly contain, and those which may be comprehended under them; for example, (here the Curate may point out an instance in some one or other of the Commandments, or if he judges it convenient, he may briefly recite all the Commandments, and the duties which they include, and afterwards thus proceed): as often, my Brother, as you shall find yourself guilty of

any sin, which, unless I mistake, will often happen, truly weigh in your mind that deformity, and with it all the circumstances which are wont to aggravate the crime; for example, that you (your conscience at the time accusing) being furnished with Divine grace, committed this crime unmindful of and ungrateful for God's clemency towards you; and after you have performed all this, lest any offences should still conceal themselves from you, oh that you would subject these three classes of sins to a special scrutiny!


In the first place, what are the peculiar faults of your position in life, into which more than into others it is very likely you have fallen? And this I would myself do, if by the will of God I were dangerously ill, being before all things solicitous concerning this point; viz., in what ministerial duty I had ever failed, either through negligence or sinful guile.

"In the second place, bestow particular care in examining those things which may derive their origin from the very temperament

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