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at the Turk's-Head in Lombard-Street.

I. A

Chriftians, and of the Sufficiency and Per-
fection of Scripture, without the Aid of human
Schemes, Creeds, Confeffions, &c. Price 1 s. 6d.

II. A Paraphrafe and Notes on the Epistle to the
Romans. To which is prefixed, A Key to the Apofto-
lic Writings; or, an Effay to explain the Gospel
Scheme; and the principal Words and Phrafes the Apo-
ftles have used in defcribing it. The Second Edition.
Price bound 10 s. 6d.

III. A Catechifm, or Summary of the Chriftian Re-
ligion, with Proofs from Scripture, and eafy, familiar
Explications under every Propofition; for the Inftruc-
tion of young Perfons. The Second Edition.

Thefe by the fame AUTHOR.

IV. A Collection of Tracts. 1. A Differtation on
2 Theff. ii.,-12. 2. A Letter to a Friend, concern-
ing the End and Defign of Prayer. 3. A Poftfcript to
the Letter on Prayer, concerning the Views which we
ought to have in Praying; the drawing up proper
Forms; the Ufe of Scripture Language; the Confef-
fion of fuch Sins only, as we are confcious we have
been guilty of. 4. The 30th Differtation of Maximus
Tyrius, concerning this Queftion, "Whether we
"ought to pray to God, or no?" Tranflated from
the Greek. 5. Remarks on the foregoing Differtation
of Maximus Tyrius. 6. The Doctrine of Predeftina-
tion reviewed. 7. A brief Account of Calvin's caufing
Servetus to be burned for an Heretic. The Third Edi-
tion, corrected and inlarged.

To which are now added, by Way of Supplement.
8. A Defence of the brief Account of Calvin's Treat-
ment of Servetus. 9. A brief Account of Archbishop
Laud's cruel Treatment of Dr. Leighton. 10. An Ef-
fay, concerning the Belief of Things, which are above
Reafon. And, a general Preface,

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V. A Volume of Sermons on the following Subjects,
viz. The Refurrection of Lazarus. The unchange-
able Difference between Good and Evil. The abfolute
Neceffity of Holineffe, in order to final and perfect
Happineffe. The Cafe of the Prophet, who was delud-
ed by a falfe Prophet, and flain by a Lion. The Spiri-
tual (not the Natural or Animal) Man, difpofed to re-
ceive the Gofpel. The abfurd Nature, and terrible
Confequences, of Transubstantiation. The Gofpel, a
revealed Mystery. Chrift came not to call the Righ-
teous, but Sinners, to Repentance. The Immenlity
and Omniscience of God, a conftant Motive to Piety
and Virtue. The Excellence of Moral Duties above
Pofitive Inftitutions. The Neceffity and Advantages of
univerfal Liberty and free Inquiry. A Faft Sermon,
reprefenting feveral Vices of the Nation. A Thankf
giving Sermon, upon Account of the Suppreffion of the
Rebellion, 1746.

VI. A Paraphrase and Notes upon St. Paul's Epiftles


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Attempted in Imitation of Mr. Locke's Manner. To
which are annexed Critical Differtations on feveral Sub-
jects, for the better understanding St. Paul's Epiftles.
4to. Price bound 14 s.

St. James,
1. St. Peter,
II. St. Peter,

1 Timothy,

2 Timothy,

VII. A Paraphrafe and Notes on the Seven (com-
monly called) Catholic Epiftles, viz.

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Attempted in Imitation of Mr. Locke's Manner. To
which are annexed several Critical Differtations. Price
bound 17 s.

The laft Four by GEORGE BENSON, D. D.










The THIRD EDITION, with large Additions

To which is added,




Some REMARKS upon two Books, viz. The
Vindication of the Scripture Doctrine of Original Sin,
and, The Ruin and Recovery of Mahkind, &c.


Printed and Sold by J. WAUGH, at the
Turk's-Head in Lombard-Street. MDCCL.

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