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By}p. 103

A Session of she Poets.

p. 96 | News.from Hell. By Capt. Alex. Radcliffe. p. 99 A Call to the Guard by a Drum. By

Captain Alexander Radcliffe.
The Ramble. By Captain Alex, Radcliffe P. 108
A New Song of the Times, 1683. By
the Honourable William Wharton,

sp. 119 . On the University of Cambridge's Burn

(ing the Duke of Monmouth's Picture
1685. who was formerly their Chan.

p. 122

-By Mr. Stepney.
The Man of Honour. Written by the Ho?

nourable Mr. Montague. Song To Cælia.

p. 127

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P. 128

A Song.
The Duel of the Stags.
A Song.
A Song.

p. 146

P. 129
P. 140

p. 140
A Song, on the Devil's Arse of the Peak.
By Ben. Johnson.

}p. 142 Song To Celia. By Ben. Johnson. p. 145 To Heaven. By Ben. Johnson.

An Elegy. By Ben. Johnson.
Leges Convivales. By Ben. Johnson. p. 148
Rules for the Tavern academy, &c. By ?

P: 149
Ben. Johnson,
Over the Djor at the Entrance into the

Apollo. By Ben. Johnson.
Her Man described by her own Dieta-

men. By Ben. Johnson.
A Nympb's Paffion. By Ben. Johnson. p. 153
An Eclogue on the Death of Ben. John.
fon, 'between Melibous and Hylas > p. 155

Written by the Earl of Falkland.
Upon Ben. Jobofon. By Mr. H. King. p. 163
To the Memory of Ben. Johnfon. By?
Mr Jaffer Mayne.


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In Memory of the moft Worthy Benjamin}p. 168

. A Song,

p. 173 A Song.

P. 174 Ao Aire on a Ground.

ibid. A Song.

p. 175 A Song.

P. 176 Damon the Mower. By A. Marvell, Esq; p. 177 Ametas and Theftylis making Hay- }p. 179

Ropes. By Andrew Marvell, Esq; Some Verses sent by a Friend to one who

twice ventur'd bis Carcass in Mar. p. 180

riage. An Epitaph upon a Stumbling Horse. Prologue for Sir John Falstaff, rifing }p. 183

fowly to soft Musick. Mufick's Empire, By A. Marvell, Esq; p. 185 The Garden. By Andrew Marvell. Efq; p. 186

P. 182

À song. A Song. A Song.

P. 187
P. 188

ŠP. 195

P. 189 A Dialogue between Daphney and Amintas. ibid. To the Lords assembled in Council: The? Fetition of Tho. Brown.

šp. 191 The Confederates : on the first Happy}p. 192

Day of the land Princess.
A Letter from J. P. 10. Colonel H. occasi- ?

on'dl by the Colonel's two late Letters. Cure for Green Sickness, 1902.

p. 1975 On the Lord Lovelice's coming to Oxo?

ford from Gloucester Goal in Decem

ber, 1680. Adam's Sleep.. A Song

ibid. Hero's Comp'aint 10 Leander. A Song

p. 2014 m

*p. 198

P. 2012

P. 202

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