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Then Death unworthy seiz'd a gen'rous Race,
To Virtue's scandal, and the Stars disgrace!
Oh! had th' Indulgent Pow’rs vouchsaf'd to yield,
Instead of faithless Shelves, a lifted Field;
A lifted Field of Heav'ns and David's Foes,
Fierce as the Troops that did his Youth oppose,
Each Life had on his slaughter'd heap retir'd,
Not tamely, and unconqu’ring thus expir'd:
But Definy is now their only Foe,
And dying ev'n o'er that they triumph too ;.
With loud last Breaths their Master's Scape applaud,
Of whom kind Force cou'd scarce the Fates defraud;
Who for such Followers loft, O matchless Mind!
At his own Safety now almost repin'd!
Say, Royal Sir, by all your Fame in Arms,
Your Praise in Peace, and by Vraria's Charms;
If all your Suff'rings paft so ne'erly preft,
Or pierc d with half so painful Grief your Breaft?

Thus some Diviner Muse her Heroe forms,
Not footh'd with foft Delights, but toft in Storms.
Not Atretcht on Rofes in the Myrtle Grove, [Love,
Nor Crowns his Days with Mirth, his Nights with
But far remov'd in thundring Camps is found,
His Slumbers short, his Bed the herbless Ground:-
In Tasks of Danger always seen the First,
Feeds from the Hedge, and Nakes with Ice his Thirft.
Long must his Patience strive with Fortune’s Rage,
And long oppoling Gods themselves engage,
Must see his Country Flame, his Friends destroy'd,
Before the promis'd Empire be enjoy'd:
Such Toil of Fate muft build a Man of Fame,
And such, to Ifrael's Crown,the God-like David came, -

What sudden Beams dispel the Clouds fo faft! Whofe drenching Rains laid all our Vineyards waste The Spring so far behind her Course delay'd, On th’Inftant is in all her Bloom array'd ; The Winds breath low, the Element serene let mark what Morion in the Waves is seen!

Thronging and busie as Hyblaan Swarms,
Or ftragled Soldiers summon’d to their Arms.
See where the Princely Bark in loosest Pride,
with all her Guardian Fleet, adorns the Tide!
High on her Deck the Royal Lovers stand,
Our Crimes to Pardon e'er they touch'd our Land.
Welcome to Israel and to David's Breaft!
Here all your Toils, here all your Suff'rings rest.

This Year did Ziloah rule Jerusalem,
And boldly all-Sedition's Syrtes item,
How e'er incumber'd with a viler Pair
Than Ziph or Shimei to allift the Chair ;
Yet Ziloah's Loyal Labours so prevaild
That Faction at the next Election faiļd,
When ey'n the common Cry did Justice found,
And Merit by the Multitude was Crown'd:
With David then was Ifrael's Peace reftor's,
Crowds mouru'd their Error, and obey'd their Lord....

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A KEY to both parts of Absalom

and Achitophel.

Duke of Monmouth.
A Bannabel,

Dutchefs of Monmouth.

Mr. Seymour, Speaker.
Achitophel, Lord Shaftsbury.
Abethdin, Lord Chancellor.

Sir E. B. Godfrey.

Mr. Dryden.

Sir W. Waller.

Duke of Albemarle.

Lord Chancellor Finch.

Earl of Mulgrave.
Bathsheba, Dutchess of Portsmouth,

Earl of Huntington.

Duke of Ormond,


General Sackvile.

Duke of Beaufort,

Lord Grey.

Dr. Oates,

King Charles II

Ethnick Plot,

Popish Plot.

Earl of Arlington.


Earl of Rochester, Hyde,
Hebrew Priests, Church of England Ministers,

Lord Feversham.


Jerusalem, London.
Isbofhech, Rich. Cromwell.
Jotham, Marquifs of Hallifax
Jebufites, Papifts,

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Sir W. Jones. Iffachar,

T. Thin, Esq; Jothran,

Lord Dartmouth. 1hban,

Sir R. Clayton, Judas,

Ferguson. B. Jochanan, Johnfon. Michal,

2. Katharine. Mephibofheth, Pordage. Nadab,

Lord Howard of Escricka Og,

Shadwell. Othniel,

Duke of Grafton. Pharaoh,

French King: Phaleg,

Forbes. Rabshakeh,

Sir Tho. Player. Saul,

Oliver. Sanhedrim,

Parliament. Solymcan Rout,

London Rebels. Sagan of Jerusalem, Bishop of London, Shimci,

Sheriff Bethel. Sheva,

Sir R. L'Estange, Tyre,

Holland. Uzza,

J. H. Western Dome,

Dolben. Zimri,

Duke of Buckingham Zadoch,

Archbishop Sancroft Zaken,

Parliament-man. Ziloah,

Sir J. Moor,

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The entire Episode of Mezentius and

Lausus, translated out of the Tenth Book of Virgils Æneids.

By Mr. DR YDEN. Connection of the EPISODE, with the fore

going Story Mezentius was King of Etruria, or Tuscany i from

whence he was expeli'd by his Subje&ts, for his Ty--rannical government, and cruelty ; and a new King Elected. Being thus banishi'd he applies himself to King Turnus, in whose court he and his Son Laufus take Sanctuary. Turnus for the Love of Lavinia making Wax with Æneas, Mezentius ingages in the cause of his Benefator, and performs many great actions, particularly in revenging himself on his l'ate Subjects, who now affifted Æneas out of hatred to him. Mezentius is every where describ'd by Virgil as an Atheist; bis Son Lausus is made the Pattern of filial Piety and Virtue: And the death of those two is the subject of this Noble Episode.


*HU S equal deaths are dealt, and equal chance ;

By turns they quit their ground, by turns adVictors and vanquish'd in the various field; [vance: Nor wholly overcome, nor wholly yield : The Gods from Heav'n survey the doubtful ftrife, And mourn the Miseries' of human life. Above the rest two Goddesses appear Concern'd for each: Here Venus, Juno there. Amidst the Crowd, infernal Atė fhakes Her Scourge aloft, and hissing Crest of Snakes. Once more Mezentius, with a proud disdain, Brandilh'd his Spear, and sand into the Plains.

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