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powers, and receive affronts from the * lower.” In fact, the law was then so little a protection, that he could not rely upon it without the additional favour of the Court. For this reason, he applied for a passport, which was refused. At length, however, when his father. was dying, a passport was granted, and an end thus put to an unjust and illegal persecution. Such is the amount of Sydney’s obligation to Charles tlie Second. ' _ ‘ With respect to the other members of the Opposition, I do not by any means intend to


deny that some amongst them may have re

ceived the money of France. Corrupt men were no doubt to be found in that age, in all parties,‘‘ i and some may have reconciled so mean an act ‘to their conscience by the reflection that they still pursued the true interest of their country. But it is remarkable, that of " the twenty persons mentioned in Barillon’s last and longest list, not above half were in Parliament, and almost, all of those were leaders. Now if any one or two obtained money from Barillon for persons to whom they did not distribute it, or if Barillon himself embezzled the money,

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December 5th, 1680.

William Harbord - - 500 Guineas.
Mr. Hamden - - - 500
Col. Titus - - - - 500
Hermsbrand (Armstrong) - 500

Bennet (once Secretary to Prince
Rupert, afterwards to Shaftes-

bury) - - - - 300 Hotham - - - - 300 Hicdal - - - - 300 Garoway - - - - 300 Francland - - - - 300 Compton - - - - ' 300 Harley - - - - 300 ,Sacheverel - - - - 300 Foley - - - ‘ - 800 Bide - - - “ - 800 Algernon Sydney - - 500 Herbert - - - - 500 Baber - - - - 500 Hi1 - - - - - 500 ‘ Boscawen - - - 500 ‘ Du Cross, (Envoy from the Duke of Holstein,) - - - 150

Le Pin, (one of Lord Sunder- ‘ ‘ land’s clerks,) - - - 150 '

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general humour of the people,” asked His Majesty’s permission to leave the Council. The King replied, “ With all my heart.”

A rumour was spread with great industry at this time, which probably owed its origin to Lord Shaftesbury. It was said that a black box was in the possession of Sir Gilbert Gerrard, containing a contract of marriage between the King and Lucy Walters, mother of the Duke of Monmouth. Sir Gilbert Gerrard, when examined before the council, denied any knowledge of such a box, and the King soon after published a declaration that he never was married to Mrs. Barlow, alias Walters, nor to any other woman but the Queen. ‘

Agreat contest, attended with much confusion, took place on the election of the sheriffs. Bethel, a Presbyterian and republican, who has been severely lashed by the pen of Dryden, and Cornish, a warm friend of liberty, were elected by a great majority. These sheriffs have been accused by North of perverting the course of justice, by making out the lists of juries themselves, instead of leaving that business to the under-sheriff, as before ; and by using this power to make juries consist entirely of their own friends. This charge, I fear, cannot be disproved.

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