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Soen. 47

Pbil. 3

Sons. 91

Som. 223


Spleen, fuggeftions of, indulged,
gloomy cave of,

Pope 1 : 145
pain at her fide, and megrim at her head, Pope 1 : 145

bodies chang'd to various forms by, Pope 1: 146
Splendid Shilling,
Splendor borrows all her rays from fense, Pope 2 : 142
Spoils and trophies thew epidemic woc, Prior 2: 176
Sports, indications of the genius of a nation,
of glory to the brave belong,

i Pope od. 3: 209
Spots in the sun, are in his lustre lost,
Spouse augments his joys, or mitigates his pain, Pope 1 : 228

endued with all the virtues of a horse, Gay 1 i 202
Sprat, on Cowley,
to Howard, on British princes,

history of Royal Society,

Cow. I : 220
on his miftress drowned,

Sprat 163
the plague of Athens,

to memory of Protector,

Sprightly chace the powers of life recruit, Rowe L. 168

Cow. 1 : 229

Broome 167

Dry. 3:167
soft breezes with,

Broome 167
in, olive struggles into birth,

Broome 168
and youth will soon be going, Hugbes 118, 119
wafted by the western gales,
youth of tender year,

Swifi 1:132

Gray 325
Hugbes 87


Fenl. 322
Lytl. 49

ode to,

ode on,


Wall. 52

Hughes 88

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Fint. 292
Sben. 53

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Spring, scafon of defire,

lovely season of desire, ---a pastoral,

Pope 1:25 descends in showers,

Pope od. 3 : 229 strows with flowers the meads,

Hugbes 192

Tbom. 1:3,4
ma nature blooming and benevolent,

influence on animate and inanimate nature, id. 1 : 20
fair-handed, unbosoms every gracej

id. 1:21
nipt with Winter's lagging rear, Milt. 3:60
without, and Winter all within,
of action to ourselves is lost,

Pepe 2:36
Springal, by his beauty curit to ills,

Dry: 7:297
Springs of motion, from the seat of sense, Dry. 1:25
Sprouts to preferve green in boiling,

King 232

Gay 1:55
Squadrons, with spearsereel, a moving iron wood, Pope il. 1:

Squintifego maid,

Dry. 6:354
Squire, birth of,

Gay ! : 219
---- a hopeful heir is born,

Gay 1:219

Gay 2 : 142
Stafford, trial and death of,
Stag, on head of,

Wall. 102
death of, causes a war,

Dry. 6:179, 180
Stag-chace, described,
chac'd, repulsed by the herd,

Som. 63
Stage, ill be their fate who would corrupt,
---- true corrector of the age,
Stage-reformers, you stand the first,
Stagiritc, Reason betrayed to,

Dry. 2:121





cue L.

and his cur,

Den. 39

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Som. 59

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King 262
King 262
Hugbes 80

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Somervile, bald-pated Welshman and fly,

ant and fly,
wolf, fox, and ape,
dog and bear,
wounded man and Aies,
wolf and dog,
the oyster,
sheep and the bush,
frogs' choice,
Liberty and Love,
the two Springs,
bald båtchelor,
Devil outwitted,
officious messenger,
inquisitive bridegroom,
Bacchus triumphant,
night-walker reclaimed,
happy disappointment,
padlock for the mouth,
wise builder,
true use of the looking-glass,
Mahomet Ali Beg,
sweet-scented misery
incurious bencher,
busy indolent,

of Kent,

happy lunatic, Son, effulgence of God's glory,

sent to finish the war,

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Milt. 1 : 197 Son, image of God in all things,

Parn. 256 eternal, word Supreme, whose tender love for all provides,

Parn. 256

Parn. 256 power o'er all presides,

Parn. 261 bright effulgence,

Milt. I: 213 goes to create, created all things,

Milt. 1: 167

Milt. 2:47 sent to judge fallen man,

Milt. 2: redeemer and ransom of man,

Milt. 2 : 48 - judge and intercessor,

Milt. I : 78 approbation of mercy to man,

Milt. I : 86 unexampled love of, the only peace for

Milt. 1 : 82 man, head, in Adam's room,

Milt. 1 : 82 merit of, imputed,

Milt. 1 : 82 --- men live in, transplanted,

Milt. 1 : 83 -- to judge angels and men,

Milt. 1:84 godhead of, denied by Socinus,

Dry. 2:33 redeem'd the honours of the race, Pope il. 2:91 as generous as the fire was base, Pope il. 2:91

loss of an only,
Song, expression easy, and the fancy high,

no part of poetry requires a nicer art,
exact propriety of words and thought,
there must be art and sense in,

Dry. 1:275
instructs the soul, and charms the ear, Pope od. 3 : 314
laps the soul in Elysium,
fooths our pains,

Young 3:2 to gods and men is sacred,

Pope od. 4:209 too daring, and the theme too great,

Prior 1 : 173


Buck. 99 Buck. 71 Buck. 71 Buck. 71.

Milt. 3 : 130


Shen. 131

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2 : 201

of God,

Pope 2: 221

Song, is noise and impious the feast, Pope od. 3:72

imitated from the French, Songs and odes,

Dry. set to music,

Prior 2:273 Sonnet,

Hughes 77 hard to write well,

Dry. 1:271 Sonnets,

Milt. 3: 169 Sons of a day, with each a brother at his back, Pope 3:157

Milt. 2:105
- of nobles are the fons of earth,

Young 3: 264
to debase, exalts the fires,
the hopes of all the years to come,

Pitt 252
their old unhappy fire despire,

Pope 1: 279
who with fagitious pride insult my darkness, Pope I : 279
most their fires disgrace,

Pope od. 3:71
Sophocles improved tragedy,
Sorbonit, a rope of sand could twist,

Butl. 1:13
Sordid earth to scorn, and mount the skies, Broome 93
Sorrow, soul in,

Parn. 248
of horrid parentage,

second-born of hell,
that privilege of men,
from pang of, birth of endless joy, Young
our lot, our portion pain,

Prior 2: 175
the fine impos’d on length of days, Pope il. 2 : 186
be thou henceforth my joy,

Broome 29 seem'd to wear one common face,

Cong: 37 Sorrows, which are our own, serious heed we give, Weff 207 for another's we foon cease to grieve,

Wij 207 which a friend would share,

Dry. 1:273

3: 102

Young 3 : 102
Young 2 : 110

2 : 110

Pope il. 2 : 100


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