The works of Jonathan Swift, containing additional letters, tracts, and poems, with notes, and a life of the author, by W. Scott, Том 16

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Страница 77 - Then he instructed a young nobleman, that the best poet in England was Mr. Pope (a Papist), who had begun a translation of Homer into English verse, for which he must have them all subscribe. "For," says he, "the author shall not begin to print till I have a thousand guineas for him.
Страница 447 - I do humbly entreat your Excellency either to use such persuasions as will keep one of the first men in this kingdom, for learning and virtue, quiet at home, or assist him, by your credit, to compass his romantic design; which, however, is very noble and generous, and directly proper for a great person of your excellent education to encourage.
Страница 444 - A Proposal for the Better Supplying of Churches in our Foreign Plantations, and for Converting the Savage Americans to Christianity by a College to be Erected in the Summer Islands, Otherwise Called the Isles of Bermuda . . . London, 1724 •'[ Fothergill, John].
Страница 220 - Poor philosopher Berkeley has now the idea]- of health, which was very hard to produce in him ; for he had an idea of a strange fever upon him so strong, that it was very hard to destroy it by introducing a contrary one.
Страница 423 - I have often endeavoured to establish a friendship among all men of genius, and would fain have it done. They are seldom above three or four contemporaries, and if they could be united, would drive the world before them.
Страница 228 - Clogher gave me your kind letter full of reproaches for my not writing. I am naturally no very exact correspondent, and when I leave a country without a probability of returning, I think as seldom as I can of what I loved or esteemed in "it, to avoid the desijerium which of all things makes life most uneasy.
Страница 355 - I ever abominated that scheme of politics (now about thirty years old) of setting up a moneyed interest in opposition to the landed. For I conceived there could not be a truer maxim in our government than this, that the possessors of the soil are the best judges of what is for the advantage of the kingdom.
Страница 403 - I now lodge with ; he has too much wit, as well as courage, to make a solid general ;J and if he escapes being banished by others, I fear he will banish himself.
Страница 371 - I am this morning in the humour of scribbling, to make my letter at least as long as one of your sermons ; and, if you do not mend, my next shall be as long as one of Dr Man ton's,* who taught my youth to yawn, and prepared me to be a High-Churchman, that I might never hear him read, nor read him more.
Страница 422 - I believe every man is born with his quantum, and he cannot give to one without robbing another.