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To the Earl of Burlington. #!

March 7, 1731.

4; 107 My LORD,

HE Clamour rais’d about my Epistlc

to you, could not give me so much pain, as I receiv'd pleasure in seeing the general Zeal of the world in the cause of a great Man who is Beneficent, and the particular Warmth of your Lordship in that of a private Man who is innocent. នរ

It was not the Poem that deserv'd this from you ;

for as I had the Honour to be your Friend, I cou'd not treat you quitet like a Poet : but sure the Writer deferv'd more Candor, even from those who knew! him not, than to promote a Report, which in regard to that Noble Person was Impera tinent; in regard to me, Villainous. Yet I had no great cause to wonder, that a Character belonging to twenty fhou'd bo applied to one; since, by that means, nineteen wou'd escape the Ridicule.

I was too well content with my Know , ledge of that Noble Person's Opinion in this Affair, to trouble the publick about it. But

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fince Malice and Mistake are so long a dy-ing, I have taken the opportunity of a third Edition to declare His Belief, not only of My Innocence, but of Their Malignity, of the former of which my own heart is as conscious, as I fear some of theirs must be of the latter. His Humanity feels a Concern for the Injury done to Me, while his Greatness of Mind can bear with Indifference the. Infult offer'd to Himself. : However, my Lord, I own, that Critics of this Sort can intimidate me, nay half incline me to write no more:That wou'd be making the Town a Compliment which I think it deferves ; and which some, I am sure, wou'd take very kindly. This way of Satire is dangerous, as long as Slander rais'd by Fools of the lowest Rank can find any countenance from those of a Higher. Even from the Conduct shewn on this occasion, I have learnt there are some who wou'd rather be wicked than ridiculous; and therefore it may be safer to attack Vices than Follies. I will therefore leave my Betters in the quiet Pofsefsion of their Idols, their Groves, and their High-Places; and change my Subject from

Alludes to the Letter the Duke of Ch wrote to Mr. Pope on this occasion, a Copy of which, together with Mr. Pope's to his Grace, we hope to procure for the next



their Pride to their Meanness, from their
Vanities to their Miseries : And as the only
certain way to avoid Misconstructions, to
leffen Offence, and not to multiply ill-na-
tur'd Applications, I may probably, in
my next, make use of Real Names and
not of Fictitious Ones. of
I am, my Lord,

Your Faithful,
Affectionate Servant,



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Hampstead, July 17, 1734 Dear Sir,

Little doubt of your kind Concern for

me, nor of that of the Lady you mention. I have nothing to repay my

Friends with at present, but prayers and good 'wishes. I have the satisfaction to find that I am as officiously serv'd by my Friends, as he that has thousands to leave in Legacies ; besides the Assurance of their Sincerity.

+ This he did in his next Piece, which was the Epistle to the Lord Bathurst of the ute of-Riches,


God Almighty has made my bodily distress as easy as a thing of that nature can be: I have found some relief, at least sometimes, from the Air of this place. My Nights are bad, but many poor Creatures have worse.

As for you, my good friend, I think since our first acquaintance there has not been any of those little Suspicions or Jealousies that often affect the sincerest Friendships ; I am sure not on my side. I must be so fincere as to own, that tho’I could not help valuing you for those Talents which the World prizes, yet they were not the Foundation of my Friendship: They were quite of another fort; nor shall I at present offend you by enumerating them: And I make it my Last Request, that you continue that noble Disdain and Abborrence of Vice, which you seem naturally endu'd with, but still with a due regard to your own Safety; and study more to reform than chastise, tho' the one often cannot be effected without the other.

Lord Bathurst I have always honour'd for every good Quality, that a Person of his Rank ought to have: Pray give myRespeas and kindest Wishes to the Family. My Venison Stomach is gone, but I have those about me, and often with me, who will be very glad of his Present. If it is left


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at my

house it will be transmitted safe to me.

A Recovery in my Case, and at my Age, is impossible; the kindest Wish of my Friends is Euthanasa. Living or dying, I shall always be

Your most faithful Friend,

And bumble Servant,


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